TREAT YO SELF: To My Top 10, Part II

TREAT YO SELF: To My Top 10, Part II


Aaaand, we’re back!  Part II of “Treat Yo Self” is here for consumption! The latter half of the Top 10 list is ready for your perusal. . .

6–Tarte Cosmetics

Before Tarte, I was buying your run-of-the-mill CVS/Walgreen’s makeup. I could always count on a face full of acne the morning after foundation. So I did a lot of internet research about the best products for those with troubled skin (and my skin has seen a few things in its time).Tarte continued to come up, for its cruelty free and parabens-free ingredients.

I went into Ulta and was looking at the Tarte foundation products when a consultant came over. I asked him if he had any foundation recommendations for acne-prone skin. His response? A curt little: “Well, if you have acne-prone skin… you probably just shouldn’t wear makeup.”

I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she is shamed for trying to buy nice clothes on Rodeo Drive. Oh… I’m sorry… are only angel-faced wannabe an actress LA types allowed in your ULTA!? Does your job description include you being an unhelpful douchebag? But what he said didn’t even make sense! If you have great/non acne-prone skin… you don’t even need foundation! I imagined staring him in the eyes as I swipe an entire row of makeup into my basket. I imagined driving off with music blaring and flipping him the bird. Instead, I thanked him (because society has conditioned me to end every conversation with a humanly ‘thank you’) and purchased primerfoundation, eyeliner and blush.

The good news? It worked! The makeup in combination with my new facial regime gave me skin I didn’t even think was possible.

I could have/should have pulled a Julia Roberts and sashayed back into that ULTA and shoved my new perfect face in front of him and sassed, “BIG MISTAKE. HUGE! I’ve got to go show my perfect skin to people now.”

7–Nars Lip Pencils

I don’t have a ton to say about this except IT WORKS. I am always looking for a matte lip stick that doesn’t feel like a lipstick. This is it. It’s long lasting and doesn’t dry out your lips. I’ve used it for going on 3 years and there will be HELL TO PAY if they ever get rid of my shade.

8–Hair Tie Bracelet

Hair ties… the thing that saves me in humidity and ruins every single outfit. I don’t know about you, but when I go to a wedding or put together a cute outfit, I hate that I worry about how to hide a hair tie. Hair ties also dig into your wrist and leave impressions that hurt. Seriously, there is nothing good about hair ties on the wrist other than convenience. Then I came upon the hair tie bracelet! (see above photo) The bracelet is super cute and I can change the color of the hair tie to match my outfit! I have been wearing it since it arrived, and you can have mine when you pry it from my cold, dead wrist.

9–Harvey Prince Perfume

I’ll go ahead and say it: Birchbox is the worst. I signed up for a makeup subscription, but what I got was a couple of chapsticks and then boxes filled with tea or granola.

The one positive that came out of it was Harvey Prince. I got Sincerely as a sample. My first thought was: I NEED THIS. I sprayed that sample till the last drop. Then I got a sample for HelloTHIS TOO. Then I got another sample: Eau So DivineADD IT TO THE LIST! Now, I haven’t sniffed all Harvey Prince perfumes… but they are 3 for 3 with me on scents I would actually shell out $57 for!

10–Pit Bulls  #adoptdontshop #savethemall

All of my life I wanted a dog. To me, there is something about their lovable, kissable and stinky faces that is necessary for a happy life. And so many studies have shown that the benefits of owning a dog include mood enhancers, lower blood pressure, fewer heart attacks, lower anxiety, and the list goes on.

I decided that I couldn’t purchase a dog in good conscience. And when I thought about what kind of dog I wanted, I always pictured the pit bulls I played with when I volunteered at the Humane Society. When I told people about my excitement to get a pit bull, I learned about the prejudice against them. They’re vicious. They’ll turn against you. You want a fighting dog? You can’t trust them alone with your kids. And so that is when I started doing research. I watched Beyond the Myth on Netflix and realized that this prejudice was a widespread issue. Pit bulls are actually banned in some cities and thousands have been taken away from their owners and euthanized. And all of it comes from ignorance!

When my husband I adopted our pit bull, we knew that it would mean difficulty in finding apartments and that people would make comments. But it is worth it. We’ve fallen so in LOVE with our Louis. He is the sweetest, goofiest, gentlest pup in the world. Everyone loves him and since he came from the streets of LA, he has major cred with the ladies.

If you’re going to get a dog, please look at a shelter and at pit bulls. If you want a certain breed, there are hundreds of rescue groups devoted to specific breeds. You can have the dog you want AND save a life. And don’t let a bad owner/the media/the uninformed keep you away from this amazing breed. My husband didn’t really care that much about pit bulls before we had one. But now he gets it. We don’t know how many more dogs we’ll adopt, but we’ve agreed they will always be pit bulls.

And thus, concludes the Top 10 of Treat Yo Self!

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