Shopping For Spring

Shopping For Spring

antibes doen top

‘Tis the time of year where I start to seriously peruse the website for new spring wear with the weather changing full swing back and forth between 20 degree difference in a single day.  And after purging a ton of old sweaters and shoes from the closet, I’ve been in the mood for some fresh items to sport for the season. So very economically, I found some tops at Zara, had a coupon for Zappos, and picked out two other key tops on the “higher end” that I’ve had my eye on that I’ll be able to mix and match with a ton of jeans and shorts into summer. Here’s what I’ll be sporting on repeat over the next few months:

  1. The above Antibes Embroidered Voile top from Dôen. I’ve been looking for a new embroidered loose shirt to wear for the upcoming warm seasons, and this one really fit the bill with the pattern and cut. Plus, check out their mission, where they give back to one of my favorite non-profits, RoomtoRead. I wish all clothing websites did this. . .


2. Navy Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Tops. As I mentioned above I had a $25 “no strings attached” coupon to Zappos, so I thought, well, what better use than to apply it to $55 Converse, and make some new sneaks mad cheap? The best part is once these bad boys are really worn in, as I’m already picturing them with some jeans shorts and the below t-shirt. . .

pepin top

3. Echo Tee from Pepin. I’ve shared my new found love for this clothing line before on the blog, and earlier in the year they dropped some pretty rad new styles, and I was smitten with their cut-out cotton designs. Pretty much every style got bought up within a month, and so with the last few items on (slight) sale, I snagged this t-shirt. Still on the pricier side for spring wear, but I’m justifying that it will go with a ton of outfits (and those Chucks above!).

zara funnel neck top

4. Zara Funnel Neck Printed Top. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with Zara. Sometime I find some great pieces and for such an affordable steal, and then other times I’m wondering the floors, and asking myself “what am I doing here?” It’s definitely not an unknown fact as to how they make their clothes so cheap (ahem, cheap labor) and they’re certainly not giving back like Doen, above. But all that said, it felt good to go in there and pick out a few items I know I’ll wear repeatedly and not break the bank (all in for $100 mind you). The above top caught my eye online, and if in store and only $35, you grab it and go. What you can’t see in the photo above is actually tiny white beading detail o part of the left flower’s stem, which was a nice surprise to find in store!

j.crew scalloped shirt

5. Scalloped tank top. Two things always catch my eye: sky blue oxford color and buttoned up collared shirts. Done. Not going to lie that this was the easiest $50 I spent online, so the kicker will be if it looks as good on as it seems. . . since hard to tell with this one! Again, J.Crew was having 20%, plus on top of that I used a $25 off. So again, I consider this a thrifty purchase for Spring.

Now to find a new spring bag to accessorize this all with. . .

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