Robert Siegel Studio

Robert Siegel Studio


We’re on a pottery kick this week for sure! Coincidentally, both of us have fallen hard for the beauty of ceramics. Also, coincidentally, both ceramicists are male? Anyway, even if you’re not a fan of ceramics yourself, you still should check out this studio I found for the next gift on your list to buy. . .

robert siegel studio

I came across Robert Siegel Studio by chance and shopping at one of my favorite stores, Save Khaki United. I was immediately drawn to the glazed bright blue against the crisp raw white of the vase. And then, I looked at the price tag: only $35? If you look at enough pottery, you know that it ain’t priced cheap. So to find handmade pieces, made in the US, at affordable prices, just doesn’t usually happen. So I promptly picked up the vase, or what is technically called the “dipped milk vase” ( similar to the one above just with no gold rim and less paint), and took the lil’ guy home with me. But after my purchase, I was intrigued to see what else Robert had to offer.


I went to the Studio’s site and was immediately sucked in. I mean just how gorgeous is the simple “Dame” place setting? And as I read more about him, I learned more of his story: He went to Miami University of Ohio (maybe a Midwestern) and then went off to China to study ancient Chinese porcelain, and then combined his minimalist and modern qualities to start his own studio first in Philly, and now in LA.


As you peruse his site, it’s hard to not click on every piece. I wish I could take home each and every one of his pretty vases, sigh. And then his table setting seem just perfect for a unique set that doesn’t scream the typical “china ware.” Alas, I have no room in my urban apartment for more dishes. . . or do I? And really, if you’re looking for a shower or wedding gift, I find the pieces in his studio much more unique and appealing than something from Bed Bath & Beyond/Crate and Barrel–you get my drift. If you’re really looking for something special though, he has a specific line being sold at Barney’s (but that isn’t even one of my faves).


How great is this pasta bowl?? I can just picture a plate of linguine settled all nice up in that bowl. Maybe it’s the fact that the pieces are all handmade, or maybe it’s the fact that they’re not gaudy, but I’m in love that’s for sure. I wonder how many “dip milk vases” is too many for a girl to claim as her own. . . Thank you Robert Siegel for creating more beautiful functional artwork for the world. But now, I have to live with the fact that I might be pining for a “Dame” dinner set for unforeseeable future. Although, I did read somewhere on the internet that last year, the site hosted a Black Friday sale, which I might have to look into this year again. Get in the pottery fan club, if you’re not already!

All images from Robert Siegel Studio’s website.

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