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5 For Friday

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Hello Friday, all the way from the Gulf Coast/Naples, Florida! I managed to work around a crazy work schedule and steal some time away to catch some rays for a weekend (although, admittedly still checking email quite regularly to not be considered a true vacation, such is life with work these days. . .). Continue Reading

5 For Friday

painted macaroons

Seems like yesterday I was approaching last Friday, and here we are again! Hooray for Friday! I’m singing this chant to myself all day long as we roll into the weekend, and I’m also thinking about how delicious and pretty all at the same time these macaroons look! It just be a macaroon kind of weekend, and I might have to find myself visiting Lauderée for some legitimate ones when in SoHo on Saturday. The weather is certainly settling into Spring-like temperatures, so it will be pleasant to stroll about. Hope you’re able to get outside and enjoy the temperatures this weekend!

1–How many home makeovers can one internet universe take? Apparently a lot, and I’m always amazed by them (it’s no wonder that Fixer Upper is all the rage and these home makeover shows are still garnering views) but this one, I not only looked at all the pictures but actually read all the captions and text–that’s how interested I was in it.

2–I got to see one of my favorite musicians, Ray Lamontagne, in a private free album release show (backed by My Morning Jacket) at The McKittrick Hotel last week, and it was everything. Now, Ray is talking about his new album with Rolling Stone in his always off-the-cuff, just don’t care, here’s who I am attitude.

3–Yes, please to these melon pink peep toe Rachel Comey block heel sandals. They’re just so unique and cute!

4–I’ve really, really got my eye on this Provincetown, MA new hotel that opened up. I’m a sucker for bright, white spaces and are brand new, what can I say?

5–I also finally got to see Leon Bridges in concert at The Beacon this week, and the man did not disappoint. In fact, all I can think about is getting his album Coming Home on vinyl and listening to his sweet sounds on analog.

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Shopping For Spring

antibes doen top

‘Tis the time of year where I start to seriously peruse the website for new spring wear with the weather changing full swing back and forth between 20 degree difference in a single day.  Continue Reading

March 8th is International Women’s Day, and everyone is asking this question: What would a better world for women and girls look like? Street artist Kelsey Montague has a mural in Soho this month to raise awareness of the power of women’s voices. Created by FEED’s #ItStartsHere movement, it encourages women to complete this sentence: “I want a world where women and girls everywhere…” My pal created a video that is featured on the FEED site, and invited me to do a voiceover. I was beyond thrilled. Are you kidding me? We broke into an unused office, I spoke into a fuzzy microphone while he directed me, and the final product is here! Just in time for International Women’s Day. Now, all I need is to be besties with Emma Watson.

Jet Lag Journal: Ocho Rios, Jamaica


In January, I was hunkered down in my office literally pounding both fists on my desk and groaning like a baby grizzly. The floor to ceiling windows behind me, while normally a perk, were showered all day with hail – plunk….plunkplunk….puh-LUNK – and it was just so gray and disgusting that I was convinced I would never see sun again. That persistent gray and precipitation – it is just soul-sucking. Like Ghost of Jacob Marley-type soul-sucking. I whined and whined. And then I turned my head ever so slightly to the left and looked at my roommate Dewi, who was similarly moaning and groaning and pounding and whining, and said “UGH. Let’s just get out of here and go to Jamaica.” She shrugged and said, “Well, OK. Book it.” She was too busy to plan so … I was in charge! My favorite thing! Being in charge of fun!

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Marcel Dzama at David Zwirner


If you’ve been to the New York City Ballet recently, you will have seen Marcel Dzama’s amazing illustrations and dioramas throughout the lobby. Plus the oh-so-rude polka-dotting of the normally sedate, buxom marble sculptures. This is just Dzama’s month, because he also has an exhibit at the David Zwirner gallery that he did in partnership with Raymond Pettibon called Forgetting the Hand.

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Alex Nero


Alex Nero is a Ukrainian artist living in New York City. He experiments with the physical dynamics of paint when put inside vessels of water. So while he works with paint, his actual product is digital photography, not painting. I love this idiosyncrasy and of course, also love the way the paints curve and bloom. They also retain their colors, instead of melding into a mush of gray and browns.

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5 For Friday


Another week, come and gone! Crazy how fast they fly by if you’ve gotten into a routine and are just IN IT. This week with not much on the calendar it still managed to go by fast. But now I’m ready to just jump into the weekend (Aren’t we all?). Continue Reading

Art Garments

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.52.57 PM

I’ve fallen in love with a new Instagram account, and I’ve been meaning to share it here on the blog for a few weeks. So I’m very excited to share with you @artgarments!  Continue Reading

Belle Bird Handmade: Baubles from the Other Side of the World

Copper Polymer Necklace

I am so charmed by the coppers and neutrals in the handmade jewelry created by Belle Bird Handmade. These designs are created in Launceston, Tasmania (Tasmania!) and include custom creations with feathers, polymer clay, and my favorite – little hand painted pieces of china. I oohed and ached for some time over her Instagram feed before realizing they that are totally affordable! Most of the sweet pieces are under $50. Which means, of course, that a package is on its way to me right now from the other side of the world.

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