Nashville Jet Lag Journal: Hit List #1-5

Nashville Jet Lag Journal: Hit List #1-5

Nashville Jet Lag JournalWhen I was a little kid, I thought I found heaven when I spent the day in Gatlinburg, TN (home of Dollywood and an endless strip of putt-putt golf courses) and slept in a suite in the enormous Opryland Hotel, filled with waterfalls and caves to eat dinner in. I’m slightly less tacky now as a grownup, so center city Nashville, filled with pockets of industrial-chic restaurants and live music dives is my newer version of mecca.

Since our last trip to Nashville, a mere two years ago, its little neighborhoods have grown. We had plenty of new places to explore, and our roundup of old and new favorites is yours for the taking.

1. imogene + willie

First up, imogene + willie. This is one of our favorite stores, and we were staying in a refurbished garage behind a vintage shop just a few blocks away. So it was great to stop by the Frothy Monkey for a morning coffee, and then wander to the store. Our hopes were high. Two years ago, I bought a vivid orange striped rug that is on the floor of my living room, a vintage tasseled Turkish towel that I use as a scarf for flights, and a Native American turquoise bracelet that I wear every single day. This time, oh how our hopes were dashed. If you didn’t want to buy custom jeans (we didn’t), then you could buy…basically nothing. It has essentially been turned into a Warby Parker.

Imogene + WillieImogene + Willie Imogene Willie Collage copy Imogene + Willie

 2. The Filling Station

A small, freestanding beer store, this was a great stop for us to custom choose a six-pack of local Nashville beers (with really really cute cans) to keep in the fridge of our apartment. They do have chairs to sit and enjoy your drink, but the specialty here is really growlers and beers to go. The Filling Station was here a couple years ago, and was one of the only things to do in the 12th South neighborhood before it boomed without informing me.The Filling Station The Filling Station The Filling Station The Filling Station Filling Station Collage copy

3. Husk

Husk is a Southern restaurant built from a beautiful old mansion in the neighborhood of Rutledge Hill. Everything on the menu is from the South – the seeds, the meat, the pickles, everything. Husk Husk Husk


4. Live Music

Really, the live music is why the sidekick and I come to Nashville. And while the famous Broadway bars are overrun with bachelorette parties and … uggghhhh … frigging Bon Jovi covers, the other music venues did not disappoint. I love the twang of Robert’s Western World (and the totally dirty, tatted up wait staff, and the smell of the stovetop grease from flipping realllllly cheap burger meat, and the colorful, neon lights over the stage). But far away, a much more mellow night was taking place at the Station Inn, a listening room with folding chairs, bags of potato chips, and cheap beer. It’s like listening to incredibly pretty music with fiddles and slide guitars in a church basement. And at 3rd and Lindsley, the local radio station Lightning 100 presents a live broadcast of alternative music with locals. We were quite enamored with the opening act we saw, Liza Anne. I bought both of her records, and they sound so rich and mellow that they’re perfect to listen to when strolling through the city.Tootsie's Station Inn Station Inn Live Music

5. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

We had no shame showing up here every day of our vacation. They make their waffle cones from scratch (and if you get a cup, like I do, they make a little mini waffle cone cookie for you!). With flavors like wildberry lavender and fresh popped corn, Jeni’s is incredibly popular, with a line filing out the door and onto the sidewalk. We lived next door, so had the luxury of popping in whenever there wasn’t a wait.Jeni's Ice Cream

The list continues tomorrow! Stay tuned, y’all.



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