Nashville Jet Lag Journal: Hit List #6-10

Nashville Jet Lag Journal: Hit List #6-10


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPicking up from where we left off yesterday, the Nashville hit list continues with awesome burgers and retro bowling…

6. Butchertown Hall

Butchertown Hall is a gorgeous, bright white subway-tiled, industrial-chic restaurant in the crummy, but really slowly yuppie-fying neighborhood of Germantown. I had been dreaming about and talking about a really good hamburger for days, and finally ordered one here. It did not disappoint. The photo below of the sidekick on her phone – this is what it’s like to go out to meals with her, and it’s why I bring a book wherever I go. Butchertown Hall Butchertown Hall Butchertown Hall Collage copy Butchertown Hall Butchertown Hall Germantown Collage copy Butchertown Hall

7. City House

If pressed for my favorite restaurant in Nashville, I would have to choose City House. Built inside a worn-down, whitewashed stone structure, it’s relatively bare inside. But somehow, the tall white cement walls and the open kitchen (where the staff grabs bites of food as the night wears down) is the happiest place for me to be. The food helps of course – it’s completely delicious, and the strawberry tart below tasted more like strawberriness than I could ever have expected from that fruit.City House7271-2(Exterior photo by LocalEats.)

8. Las Paletas

On an ultra-hot day, we walked into Las Paletas, a shop where a bunch of grownups stand around eating Mexican popsicles. I picked out a strawberry popsicle, probably to attempt to recreate the same flavor I died over at City House (attempt failed), but I should have tried the pale green avocado flavor. Las Paletas Collage copy Mercantile

9. The Flipside

You guys. A day in Nashville is just not worth living without a drink at The Flipside. We went every day and only once ate a meal there. Their specialty is thin-pounded, breaded chicken in all forms – with balsamic and arugula, with jambalaya and fried eggs, with ketchup and white bread. But I really went for the sky blue leather stools, the wide open windows with American flags flapping in the wind, and the wine served in juice glasses.The FlipsideThe Flipside


10. Pinewood Social

On our last day in Nashville, we were having brunch at Pinewood Social – a restaurant with coffee bar, karaoke, outdoor pool, and bocce ball – when the skies opened and a rainstorm pummeled the building for a solid two hours. What to do but avail yourself of some retro bowling, complete with Pinewood Social knee socks that match the wait staff’s ties? It was quite a scene on a Tuesday morning – oh, hello Florida Georgia Line! “Ugh, who does that crazy looking person think he is, Steven Tyler?” asked the sidekick. And then. Steven Tyler turned around. Oh.


Pinewood SocialPinewood SocialPinewood SocialOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPinewood SocialPinewood SocialPinewood SocialPinewood Social


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