CAMP: Unplugged and Off the Grid


I feel completely fulfilled after a session at The Unique Camp – a phone-free business conference for creatives in the woods of Big Bear, CA. I’ll be sharing posts about the workshops I experienced and the entrepreneurial makers I befriended in the coming weeks. Plus I have some gorgeous photos in the woods – because the phones of all the CAMPers are taken and locked up, we had a team of photographers follow us around. The spirit of CAMP is to learn, inspire and share and I look forward to sharing with you!

Grin and Bear It: Kathy Clark at Reykjavik Art Museum

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKathy Clark is a Reykjavik-based artist who studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. Her exhibit at the Reykjavik Art Museum is called bears; truths and it is both creepy and enchanting. Created entirely from discarded teddy bears, Clark hung them from the ceiling, stuffed them with glowsticks, flattened them and coated them in wax. She created a little teddy bear graveyard with little sad dead teddy bear sounds.

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Iceland Jet Lag Journal: Vakta Cottage


A beautiful small cottage in the center city of Reykjavic, Vaktahouse is historically the home of the city’s watchman, who stayed awake during the night for the sake of the safety of the townspeople and also acted as fireman. Today, it is renovated and available for guests to rent. Every nook and cranny of this small cottage has been custom designed with special furnishings by its lovely owner Margret in order to make the best use of its small spaces. When we arrived, there was a beautiful spread of pastries from Sandholt Bakery with Icelandic butter and spicy chili jam. We were also taken on a driving tour of the city in the Citroen that comes with the rental of the house, which was so important for my future bike ride, otherwise I would never have known of the special bike path and hot springs along the edge of the water.

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Iceland Jet Lag Journal: Reykjavik

Jet Lag Journal

Sistah Woman is pretty much up for anything. The girl is game. So when I proposed another mother-daughter honeymoon to Iceland, she said YES! with the same enthusiasm she used when my parents won a sweepstakes for a free year of my third grade tuition. Almost everyone I spoke to looked at me like I was crazy. Iceland?! Why? Don’t you still need to go to somewhere normal? Here’s why: blue glaciers, aquamarine waterfalls, a flight that’s cheaper than going to LAX, fields of spongy lava to frolic on, fresh seafood, Nordic roots and Nordic design, puffins, Icelandic horses with long white hair, and hot springs for swimming. K? We good? You can go to Nassau then.

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The Sneaky Concept Behind “Paper Towns”

Paper Towns Map

John Green, the author of book and movie Paper Towns, knows a really neat trick that cartographers use to protect their intellectual property and hard work.

“On a road trip about 15 years ago, I tried to get gas in a town that my map called Holen, Southa Kaota. One problem: There was nothing there,” he said. It was a fake! Sike! (God, I’m glad we don’t use that awful word anymore.

Holen was what cartographers call a “paper town” – a fictitious location they use to protect their work. So if mapmakers see the paper town on someone else’s map, it’s a clue to know that their work was lifted, and they can sue for copyright infringement. The cartographer’s at Google use paper towns too. So I guess take the directions from Google Maps with a grain of salt?

Photo credit: Apartment Therapy
Story: AFAR


Cape Cod Jet Lag Journal: #lovewins in Provincetown

Provincetown Buoy


Provincetown: where #lovewins every night of the summer hidden in the dunes. I took a lovely long walk with Michael to admire all the houses and landscaping in this perfect Cape Cod hamlet. We are convinced that every home has a dedicated Hydrangea Account at their banks; it must be an incredible fortune to keep up these beautiful gardens.

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Cape Cod Jet Lag Journal: A Virtual Run Through the Woods


I am normally a Treadmill runner at the Equinox. I set up my iPad with whatever tween drama or PBS period film I’m in the midst of, and just run along to it. It’s underground – there’s no cell service, no windows, no sunlight. (It’s also freaking expensive.) So running through the woods of Wellfleet feels like freedom. It’s shady, and little birds chirp all around me. No one is there; I have the woods all to myself and I can hear my own footsteps on the path. “Path” is generous – it’s more like packed dirt with muddy pools that I have to jump over, and sandy sections that really slow me down and get in my shoes. It’s such a great workout. Eventually, I reach a cliff over the beach and can’t go any further. But first I have to ignore all these signs.

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Cape Cod Jet Lag Journal

Duck HarborIt’s that time of year again. The time when DEPRESSION sets in because my sidekick-sponsored week-long vacation of sunsets and beach bars in Cape Cod is complete. I looked forward to it all year long, to the point of requesting the vacation days from work before I even received an actual invitation. She’s good like that. So this week I wanted to share a couple posts of the gorgeous week in Wellfleet, starting with the sunsets of Duck Harbor. Per tradition, we brought cheap cheap sparkling wine (Cristalino, recommended by my favorite human, Lindsay’s dad), spinach dip, and Cape Cod potato chips. We also brought these cute young men with us, who carried the bags, and then taught themselves how to skip rocks as the sun flared neon orange, and then completely went out, leaving us to fend off the mosquitos in the dark.

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Newport Jet Lag Journal: Summer Colors

NewportYet another July has come and gone, which means yet another long weekend in Newport, Rhode Island. I am so enamored with Newport’s tiny scattered beaches lined with mansions and cliffs, the plentiful seafood dinners along the wharves, and most especially the colors of the houses and storefronts. They are so vivid and usually dotted with window boxes of daisies. But because the bright colors are on such historic, old friendly buildings they look charming instead of garish. I spent a morning wandering the crooked downtown streets with my camera admiring the colors and textures.

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Nashville Jet Lag Journal: Hit List #6-10


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPicking up from where we left off yesterday, the Nashville hit list continues with awesome burgers and retro bowling…

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