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I’m always amazed at how clever some people are and those that are able to see themes beyond what the typical eye can see. And so when I saw there was an “Artlexa Chung” Tumblr and now newly devised Instagram account, I had to share some of the spot-on matches of famous pieces of artwork and Miss Alexa Chung. Continue Reading

Hudson Jet Lag Journal: Olana, Antiques & Fare


Hudson is filled with antiques, antiques, and some hiking. And Olana. For us, traveling up for a weekend was definitely enough time since we weren’t embarking on hikes. We got in some major QT on Warren St. (the main street of antique stores and restaurants) and then on the last morning hopped over to the Olana Historic Site. See below some of my snap shots of cute antique stores, restaurants and Olana from our weekend away in Hudson!


Olana is a 250-acre historic site that includes a Persian-style decorated 19th century home of the famed Hudson River School painter Frederick Church. Church was inspired from a year-long expedition across the Middle East to build, furnish, and decorate his entire home after the Persian aesthetic.


Sadly, no pictures were allowed to be taken inside–which is obviously the coolest part of the home, but to give you some flavor, here is the exterior of the front door. The detail of everything is amazingly neurotic, and I loved it all.


Our first restaurant stop was a lovely little dinner at DA| BA, a Swedish restaurant. We refrained from the Swedish meatballs, and instead opted for some delicious scallops and chicken with veggies. If you’re interested, they had quite an affordable prix fixe dinner option as well.


Looking for a quick pastry or coffee? Then stop in at Cafe Le PercheThis is a pretty legit boulangerie–I say this with affirmation after trying the pain au chocolate that had the right amount of flakiness for the French pastry.IMG_2184


It’s very homey inside Le Perche. Notice the plethora of antiques in this front entrance. All of the restaurants in Hudson are curated with the bountiful antiques available in the stores that line Warren St.

IMG_2183Strongtree coffee was a local coffee roaster/shop in town, but sadly, now has relocated to Florida. But they still ship the good stuff back to the local shops so you can grab a bag of beans or a cup of joe.


Some cute exteriors of the old buildings that house all those antiques. I’ll admit antique hunting is not my forte nor something I can do for long, but I do still love taking a peek inside and seeing if I could spot an old treasure.


When you see buildings with so much detail on the outside, you start to really wish we went back to the good ‘ol days when detail mattered in design.


It might be hard to read, but the above sign is an original hand painted store front sign for “sports, tents, equipment”. So adorable.


There was a lot of the 19th century dates floating up and down Warren St.

IMG_2177 Another fun little antique store–not quite sure what it’s called, possibly Trout & Co.?


Our next food stop was Swoon Kitchenbar for lunch. We enjoyed sandwiches (an egg for him and a Cuban for moi) and shoestring fries.


One of the restaurant details we reveled in over the weekend was the spaciousness. After awhile the restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan seem pretty crammed with the teeny tiny tables, without any elbow room or even enough room for plates and the space necessary for a conversation with just your table and no one else. So every time we sat down, we always remarked “check out all the space!”


This was yet another artful antique store. Great pendant lamps, big furniture, and colorful rugs galore!IMG_2200

I loved these Asian stackable hand painted boxes. They were like a Russian babushka but practical because you could store items galore in them.


A necessary stop was The Spotty Dog. It’s a bookstore, beers, coffee, art supplies, and game spot all wrapped up in one. It was a cozy respite to stop in and get away from the chilliness.IMG_2204


Our last spot we stopped in at was Le Gamin Country, one of the outposts from the restaurant in NYC & Brooklyn. It’s a French cafe and creperie. We enjoyed a Nutella crepe alongside a delicious panini for lunch.IMG_2236

I was very happy to go through the French map that we sat by and find all the spots I visited on my six-month sojourn there. And yes, Nantes is real and exists! It’s a real city (that no one ever seems to hear of outside of France) where ten years ago I learned another way of life and language. Sigh.IMG_2231

Very typical to the French way of life, you are served your tea and cafe au lait in a small bowl, which amazingly you can buy from the restaurant. They’re still made by the oldest porcelain manufacturer in  Pillivuyt, France. Je les veux acheter!

Aaaaand that’s it! So to recap: lots of antiques, a handful of worthy food and restaurant experiences, a historic painter’s property, and a quiet yet historic main street to fill a weekend away. Next time, we’ll be sure to go when it’s a bit warmer out. ‘Tis the only thing I’d change about the weekend!

If you have any Hudson favorites, do share and add to the post with your suggestions!


A + S 2013 Favorite Memories

So with only 11 more days to go in the year, what have we been thinking and reminiscing about? Well, we’ve been thinking about what pretty much everyone thinks about this time of year–what made the past year just so special. You know those big, impactful memories that really stand out. And we’ve had a ton! So we decided to combine forces once again and share what really made it memorable (you might notice some overlap and a strong traveling theme):

Elizabeth’s Favorite Memories (in her words):

1. Jumping into the deep basins of rainwater in the middle of the salt flats of the Atacama desert in Chile.  Taking a dip in the driest desert in the world!

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