March 8th is International Women’s Day, and everyone is asking this question: What would a better world for women and girls look like? Street artist Kelsey Montague has a mural in Soho this month to raise awareness of the power of women’s voices. Created by FEED’s #ItStartsHere movement, it encourages women to complete this sentence: “I want a world where women and girls everywhere…” My pal created a video that is featured on the FEED site, and invited me to do a voiceover. I was beyond thrilled. Are you kidding me? We broke into an unused office, I spoke into a fuzzy microphone while he directed me, and the final product is here! Just in time for International Women’s Day. Now, all I need is to be besties with Emma Watson.

The Rumor Mill on Making Your Bed

messy bed

 I can’t remember exactly when I stopped making my bed, but I think it must have been in college. For all first 18 years of my life, I dutifully made my bed every morning before heading out to school. But that all went out the window when I went off to live up my college years and since then, the not-making-my-bed habit has been a hard one to break. . . Continue Reading

Robert Siegel Studio


We’re on a pottery kick this week for sure! Coincidentally, both of us have fallen hard for the beauty of ceramics. Also, coincidentally, both ceramicists are male? Anyway, even if you’re not a fan of ceramics yourself, you still should check out this studio I found for the next gift on your list to buy. . . Continue Reading

5 For Friday

water slide in summer

Even though it’s just feeling like Spring finally, Summer is right around the corner–I can feel it, and nothing says summer like water slides! They’re the quintessential activity and just amp up the idea of summer living days. Continue Reading

5 For Friday

french bulldog

Nothing says “happy Friday” like a cute puppy, and a French bulldog puppy might I add! Here’s to a very, very sunny and beautiful temperature Saturday ahead–cannot wait. Continue Reading

Tools of The Trade: For The 2-D Artist

Tools of The Trade

So a couple months ago, I mentioned in a “5 For Friday” post that I was inspired by #The100DayProject and thought it would be just the type of project motivation I needed to get back into art, sketching, and giving myself the daily QT with a passion. . . well, here we are almost four months later from that post, and I’m 10 days in. Yes siree, one tenth of the way through the hundred days, and I have indeed started my own project, #100DaysofModels. With no designated desk or studio space, and just my kitchen “pub table” let’s just say it’s not exactly the most conducive space to create in. . . but, that hasn’t stopped me, and I don’t intend for it to be a deterrent, but just makes for rather interesting co-habitation work/living situations even more real.  Continue Reading

5 For Friday

beach hats

Yahooo for Friday! Even though it’s rainy today in NYC, it’s 67 degrees! 67! This weekend I’m hitting up a churro restaurant, seeing Noah Baumbach’s new film, While We Were Young, and heading to a spa + brunch rendez-vous with some gals. So lots to get excited about. . . Continue Reading

5 For Friday

Spring Forward

Whelp, here we go again in the northeast, more snow on this Friday! Weeee! I knew the weather system had one more in its belly to get out and heck, it might even have two (I’m on the lookout in April, never say never). But while snowflakes fall and inches accumulate, mentally I’m still springing forward. Continue Reading

Jet Lag Journal: Lake Titicaca

Jet Lag Journal

In my last post on Lima, Peru, I offered up some tips for the taking, and I’m thinking that’s honestly the best way still to explain my other part of my Peruvian trip around Lake Titicaca as well. So if you do find yourself with an extra day and a half while in Peru, do get yourself to the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca–rich in color and rich in culture, you won’t be disappointed.  Continue Reading

5 For Friday

perfect reading nook

Wherever this place exists, get me there, now! Just so pleasant it would be. . . something to aspire to!  Continue Reading

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