Nancy Meyers: What a Woman!

Nancy MeyersDo you remember when the Parent Trap came out, and Lindsay Lohan was fresh-faced and sweet, and oh god, Natasha Richardson was alive and well?

Or the magic of The Holiday, when Cameron Diaz trades her enormous Santa Barbara house filled with Richard Prince photographs for Kate Winslet’s tiny thatched-roof English cottage?

Or…the best…The Father of the Bride, when Franc plans the most beautiful, over-the-top wedding and subsequent baby shower for the Banks family in Pasadena?

And don’t even GET me started on Baby Boom. Diane Keaton carrying around that sweet little baby like a piece of luggage through Manhattan so she can focus on her career, then succumbing and moving to a farm in Vermont, where she starts her own nationally-distributed fully-organic baby food line.

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Fall RTW at Zara

Zara Fall Marl Sweater

It was much to my delight the other day when I traveled on over to Zara’s website for a look at some of their upcoming Fall pieces, that I was met with the most delightful knits, styles and of course affordable summer-to-fall pieces.  Continue Reading

Clutch Cravin’


Somehow I found myself in the abyss, the black hole of the internet shopping world, searching for and pinning clutches the other night? Why was I deep in the spiral process of finding one? Continue Reading



A month or so ago, I included in one of my “5 For Friday” posts a discovery of Pepin, a new clothing line that I was head over heels with. I’m even more convinced of its success that lies ahead for for the designers.  Continue Reading

“Uniforms are Sick! They Blur an Individual’s Sense of Self.”

We're Going Through a Divorce

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (as in, “I’d like to thank the Academy”) quietly posted some awesome costume design sketches from my favorite movie last summer. Phyllis Nefler, leader of the super-rich yet confidence-lacking Troop Beverly Hills, had ensemble after fabulous ensemble, all designed by Theadora Van Runkle. Remember when Phyllis waltzes in late to divorce court after taking her troop to a school for the blind to describe the latest fall fashions? She announces to the judge that her stunning dress is a Van Runkle. Van Runkle’s papers and drawings from the movie are housed at the Academy Library, and a few were posted online, including this oral history where she discusses the red dress with giant sequin shoulder bird.

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Some Spring Closet Additions

PicMonkey Collage

Spring weather calls for what else (besides umbrellas)? Some new additions to the S/S wardrobe! I thought I’d share some thoughts to the purchases above as some of them I’m excited about and others, I’m actually a bit undecided. . . Continue Reading

Emerald Isle Style


Emerald Isle StyleMy main squeeze Lindsay is taking a vacation without me, and without inviting me. She is going to play only child and spend two weeks on a road trip through Ireland with her parents. Rolling hills, random traffic jams of sheep, socially acceptable day drinking from flasks, and strange but yummy traditional breakfasts are in her future. The trio will all spend hours and hours together in the car and will also share one hotel room. Knowing her parents, they will encourage her to sleep in the middle to get in as much quality time as possible. Can’t wait to hear about it. Sidekick is easily stressed out (oh nooooo, I have to go on a free vacation and pack things in a suitcase???) so she asked for a packing round-up, and provided me with a cute title for the post as she is wont to do. If I was packing, here’s what I would do: stick with a color scheme of white, black, hunter green, and burgundy red. One pair of white jeans, one pair of black jeans, one jumper, and a series of solid tops, and call it a day. Cute flats for indoors, some rain boots for frolicking in dewy fields (short ones, so they’re not too egregious in the suitcase), and at least one silly accessory.

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Hot Dudes Reading: It’s Bananas!


You know about Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram (included in one of our 5 for Friday roundups) – a feed of sneaky pics taken of good-looking guys on the subway with some very coy hashtags. Now, Hot Dudes Reading is encouraging followers to make small donations to First Book, a childhood literacy foundation that gifts books to kids in need all over the world. (The success stories will bring you to tears without fail.)

Hot Dudes Reading 1

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Best Actress Gowns, One Year at a Time


I love this handy chart of every dress ever worn by the Best Actress Academy Award winners. Soon to be updated with the gown worn by my hairspiration, Julianne Moore!Oscar Dresses ChartAlso, look at the list of actresses at the bottom who are not pictured because they didn’t show to the Oscars. Katharine Hepburn was a no show THREE TIMES. At some point, you just don’t deserve those statuettes. Come on, Kate, it’s the Academy Awards!

This week’s Melodic Monday is themed in honor of the awards. One of my favorite movies of the year, Begin Again, was nominated for the song Lost Stars. There were two versions of it in the movie, the unplugged, sweet and mellow original and the revamped version that Adam Levine’s character makes a fortune from. Check it out on the widget on the right.


Melodic Monday

Tobias Jesso Jr
We have Throwback Thursday. Flashback Friday. Woman Crush Wednesday. Is there anything for Monday? Can I make Melodic Monday a thing?

Just for fun for a few weeks, A+S will post our current favorite tune in the handy widget on the right. They might be brand new or they might be an old favorite (or our grandmothers’ old favorites). Any style, any genre. And just a disclaimer – I am not asserting myself as a musical expert, just a fan, like everyone. Let’s see how it goes!

Today’s current favorite: How Could You Babe by Tobias Jesso Jr.

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