TREAT YO SELF: To My Top 10, Part II


Aaaand, we’re back!  Part II of “Treat Yo Self” is here for consumption! The latter half of the Top 10 list is ready for your perusal. . . Continue Reading

Fairy Tale Fashion


Power. Vanity. Greed. Innocence. Truth. Strength. These are all characteristics of our fictional fairy tale friends and enemies. And their clothes – from magnificent velvet capes and long pointed nails to sad little dresses in tatters – are representative of exactly what the characters are like within. (If only people were that transparent everyday.) The Museum at FIT celebrates these traits with an entire exhibit dedicated to how fairy tales have influenced designer fashion, Fairy Tale Fashion. It is like a witch’s gingerbread house – sickly sweet with an undercurrent of evil.

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Shopping For Spring

antibes doen top

‘Tis the time of year where I start to seriously peruse the website for new spring wear with the weather changing full swing back and forth between 20 degree difference in a single day.  Continue Reading

Tête-à-Tête with Amber Seagraves: Owner and Creator of Lasso Abode

LA 2

Amber Seagraves is the creator and designer of the accessories brand Lasso Abode. Handmade in Los Angeles, it’s a collection of beautifully bohemian fringed pillows and bags inspired by what Amber calls “Nordic Western” style. I met Amber at a business conferences for marketers and creatives, Unique CAMP. Her story is fantastic: it’s a cross-country journey with well-established brands at her back and her own entrepreneurial adventures ahead. Amber was incredibly kind to take time to share her story and offer up her expertise with All + Sundry. Please enjoy and sign up for Lasso Abode’s newsletter to see the new products that pop up and the occasional sale codes!

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The Whitney as an Artful Accessory

Whitney Bag Collage

Before it even opened, Renzo Piano’s new building for the Whitney Museum of American Art, a nine-story structure of asymmetrically stacked glass and steel became a hot spot for stylistas. So it’s not surprising that the structure has generated its own fashion statement. Italy’s Max Mara has collaborated with the architect’s studio, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, on the Whitney Bag.

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2016 Spring Fashion Trends


While the first blizzard of the winter season makes its way up the coast and will be hitting the city sometime late tonight, I’m already in my head looking to warmer trends that I can’t wait to see hit the stores. Firstly being the half moon bag. . . Continue Reading

Je pense à toi, Celine


Last week Celine Dion’s longtime husband, René Angélil, died from throat cancer. She says he’s “the only boyfriend I ever had.” I’ve seen this brilliant woman perform four times in Las Vegas, and she always goes for and hits the highest, hardest notes. I’m thinking of how this loss will affect her joy, and therefore her will to perform, and I hope she reaches for and overcomes this high, hard note with the same aplomb.

Giving Thanks

cranberry aspic

‘Tis the season to not only be gobbling up hearty meals and desserts, but to also gobble up all those moments and people in your life and express gratitude, and truly thank them and the lucky stars above for the bounty, or even smallest gesture that has come your way in the past year.  Continue Reading

The Tao of Tatcha

Tatcha hand cream

Behold, a luxurious hand cream like you’ve never seen before. Traveling from the other side of the world, across oceans, and composed of 200-year old beauty secrets that have only recently been exposed from their once, enclosed geisha community. I give you, Tatcha.  Continue Reading

Iris Apfel: What a Woman!


A couple short blocks from my apartment is one of my favorite stores in the city, [STORY], which is a curated shop that has an entirely new theme every few months. This month’s theme is “Donald,” which is a tribute to the artist Donald Robertson. (Do you follow him on Instagram? You should! His patterns are a thumbs up, and his little towhead twins are just funny.) Donald creates pop art prints of lipstick and red mouths, so his partnership with Smashbox was featured at [STORY] in the form of custom made-while-you-wait lipsticks. He also creates tees for J. Crew, so there was a hot iron press to customize your own soft white tee with one of his signature patterns. His pal, fashion icon Iris Apfel, is also selling some of her very own jewelry and participated in a complimentary (seriously!) Q&A at the store with its creator and owner, Rachel Shechtman. Today, some words of wisdom from Iris for your reading pleasure.

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