A Holy Indoor Skatepark


Guys, I had to share this amazing find of a refurbished space to the max. Talk about something that hasn’t been done before, check out this Spanish church’s newest interior. . . Continue Reading

If You Don’t Like It, Lump Nubbin It

39 Flowers

I took it as an enormous compliment when the Sidekick showed me these lil’ Lump Nubbins and said they reminded her of me. As in what – wonky? misshapen? oddly colored? Didn’t matter, it’s a compliment and I will take it. Lump Nubbins are created out of recycled paper pulp which is then formed into lumps, dried, painted, and then sometimes covered with mixed media like gold flakes or little outreaching tendrils.

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“For What It’s Worth:” Mining for Copper with Dillon Marsh

Nababeep South Mine, NababeepDillon Marsh is a Cape Town photographer who captures the landscapes: dusty and well-trodden paths, humble windowless homes in their many colors, strange native baobab trees that look like tribal monster faces. And now, he’s placing copper spheres in arid mining landscapes using GCI. The copper sphere represents an exact scale model of the mass that was extracted from the mine.

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Los Angeles Neighborhoods by Typography


Designer Vanessa Hernandez sure loves Los Angeles, and is celebrating its many and varied neighborhoods through typographic scenes that are relevant to the neighborhood. Sandy Malibu beaches, the glitter and sequins of West Hollywood pride, the petals of the beautiful Pasadena botanical gardens, the glamorous lipstick of old Hollywood, and the ubiquitous Venice Beach reefer. I want her to do this for New York! What would that look like? Soup dumplings that spell out Chinatown, money clips and silk neckties for Tribeca, and hand painted typography inside a museum-quality frame for the Upper East Side? Suggestions welcome!

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Wish I May, Wish I Might: Jeff Koons’ Gazing Ball Paintings

IMG_5599That Jeff Koons is at it again. A new series of paintings, Gazing Ball, is being exhibited at Gagosian Gallery through December 23. In this series, Koons has painted replicas of some of the world’s most famous paintings. Oh look! The Mona Lisa! No. Not really.

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Young & Able

Young and Able Pop Up

Have you heard of Young & Able? If not, then I’m here to spread the word! A site (and holiday pop-up in NYC) dedicated to emerging designers and artists with always a story behind how and why the products are made. And you know how we’re all about supporting the arts, emerging artists, and craftsmanship around here. . . Continue Reading

Copying the Cover Story: Fernando Bryce


Fernando Bryce, currently on display at Alexander and Bonin in Chelsea through December 19, created a process called mimetic analysis, and from what I can tell he pretty flawlessly reconstructs historical news pieces with ink and paper. He copied three prominent international art magazines that were published in the 1940s and 1950s, and the domestic publication ARTnews. The post-WWII art world on 57th Street at the time was showing the abstract art of Calder and Miro, and nearby were Kandinsky (my favorite), Bearden, and Motherwell. “The constellation of ads from ARTnews reveal the universe of images that could be seen in New York between 1944 and 1947.”

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DIY Eye Ornament Crafting Times

DIY eye ornaments

‘Tis the season to be crafting and DIYing, no? Everyone loves decorating and trying their own hand at adding some sparkle and glue to make some decor that much more meaningful this time of year. But when I saw these fun painted ornaments, they really “caught my eye”. . . Continue Reading

Picasso Sculpture Exhibit at MoMA


Oh, hello, largest Picasso sculpture exhibit in this country since 1967! Begging and borrowing from private owners and museums around the world led to this treat, Picasso Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. A bird’s eye view of the circuitous exhibit would look like a sculpture unto itself – 11 rooms, filled with 140 sculptures of varying heights and materials. Colorful glaze on a charming ceramic series called “Glass of Absinthe,” bronze casts of voluminous hills of hair in “Head of a Woman,” and flimsy pieces of wood and paper that make up his “Still Life with Guitar.”

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Rubin Museum: Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry 3

Tonight, I write this blog post after experiencing one of those “only in New York City” type of experiences. One of those, where you find yourself sitting in an Asian art museum, listening to the President of National Geographic Society alongside one of the most iconic photographers in the world talk about photography, art, and the landscape of both in the fast-shifting world.  Continue Reading

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