Gift Gratitute: A Holiday Stationery Round Up

The holidays are over (boooo!), and if you’re lucky you have a pile of gifts that need to be put away, but not before sending out thank you cards.  Sending a message of thanks after the holidays is a kind way to acknowledge and express gratitude for a gift.  I’ve selected a few gorgeous options below that are luxurious and seasonally appropriate. The colleague who gave me a great New Yorker puzzle to complete with my friends on a snowy day will receive one.  The gym membership from my Dad who told me he expects me to use it three times a week to “maintain my figure” does not warrant one of these lovely cards.

Emily Post instructs that thank you cards for Christmas and Hannukah gifts should be sent before New Year’s Day.  That date has come and gone, but my fourth grade teacher drummed into me a much more manageable lesson: better late than never.

Stationary Round Up

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Holiday Apparel: Ring In the New Year

Ring in the New Year with rubies. Get soused in sapphires.  Toast to bejeweled treasures and trinkets.  This collection of gorgeous, sparkly rings will look great when holding a glass of champagne to celebrate the good times ahead of us in 2014.

Ring Collage 2

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Holiday Gifts for Good

As we pour over our favorite gift guides this season and build out our wish lists, there are always a handful of do-gooders who like to round out their giving and receiving with a little altruism.  I only occassionally do this myself, and even then it’s usually to donate to ritzy cultural institutions in NYC.  But this year I have been admiring two globally-minded philanthropies worth their weight in candy canes.

Library For All

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Holiday Apparel: Winter Accessories

Ah, the holiday accessories. There’s not a better season for this kind of apparel to bust out of its closet hiding spot. Below, I’ve collected some of my favorite accessory finds that I’d love to see under the Christmas tree come the 25th.

Holiday Accessories

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From Malawi, With Love

Malawi Music Project

Komai is a nonprofit that celebrates the musical talents of the people of Malawi by helping to form a creative arts community.  The founders of Komai watched their dreams and hard work come to fruition this year when they kicked off with a pilot program of music education classes in the local school system.

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Weekly Web Window Shopping: A Pinned Ensemble

The one thing, I must say that I do love about my Pinterest perusals, is it helps to see everything all together and at once (hence the pin board design), and so, I think it’s pretty easy to conceptualize and create an outfit after just a handful of “pins”. This week I think I’ve come up with a pretty snazzy one if I do say so myself. . .

Burberry Leather trim wrap jacket

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Weekly Web Window Shopping: Falling For Fall

As summer fades away in a blink of an eye, I’m easily distracted by all the new Fall wardrobe offerings that seem to continue to pop up and invade my inbox. Just. can’t. get away. from it.

Here’s what I’ve been craving and pinning as of late to transition through the seasons:

Gorjana Griffin Rose Gold Chaplin Ring

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My Weekly (Web) Window Shopping

Ladies, if you’re like me, you can find yourself by Friday with a handful of new items that you’re coveting after weekly perusing blogs, slideshows, fashion alerts, and sale newsletters. And thus, a new series is born: My Weekly (Web) Window Shopping.

kate spade owl bucket bagleif polygon bangle copy

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A Peace Treaty Baby Alpaca Scarf

I picked up a beautiful new baby alpaca scarf from the Komai booth at Artists & Fleas in Chelsea Market.

Soft and cozy with a message of peace: A Peace Treaty was founded by a Pakistani Muslim and a Libyan Jew who seek out local village artisans in places of socio-political strife to create fashion and accessories while supporting the artisans who made them.

I was introduced to this brand by Komai, a company founded by our lovely friends Amelia and Kate who started a music education program in Malawi.  Please check them out!


Check out our latest post on Komai for a peek at their lovely booth at Artists & Fleas in Chelsea Market.

Beads from Sumatra


Glass beads from Sumatra, long enough to wrap around your neck three times.  Yummy.  From the Southampton location of Andrianna Shamaris, a modern organic furniture designer.

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