Belle Bird Handmade: Baubles from the Other Side of the World

Copper Polymer Necklace

I am so charmed by the coppers and neutrals in the handmade jewelry created by Belle Bird Handmade. These designs are created in Launceston, Tasmania (Tasmania!) and include custom creations with feathers, polymer clay, and my favorite – little hand painted pieces of china. I oohed and ached for some time over her Instagram feed before realizing they that are totally affordable! Most of the sweet pieces are under $50. Which means, of course, that a package is on its way to me right now from the other side of the world.

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The Whitney as an Artful Accessory

Whitney Bag Collage

Before it even opened, Renzo Piano’s new building for the Whitney Museum of American Art, a nine-story structure of asymmetrically stacked glass and steel became a hot spot for stylistas. So it’s not surprising that the structure has generated its own fashion statement. Italy’s Max Mara has collaborated with the architect’s studio, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, on the Whitney Bag.

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Ben Fiess Ceramics

csvnqudsFlipping through an issue of House Beautiful from this past spring (I’m behind on magazines – you should see the stack on my nightstand!) I was completely disarmed by the ceramics of Ben Fiess. Based in Minnesota, Ben created his own glaze and is currently interested in how the pattern cutting and textures of clay can translate to textiles and clothes.

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CW Pencil Enterprise

CW Pencil EnterpriseGuys. I recently learned something major about myself. I LOVE PENCILS! I had no idea how much I loved pencils until I was waiting for a friend at a fried chicken and champagne restaurant in Chinatown. On top of the restaurant was a bright, light little shop owned by a girl with a pencil tattoo straight down the middle of her forearm called CW Pencil Enterprise. So during this post we’re going to admire pictures of pencils and also see how many times I can write the word PENCILS.


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Squeaky Wheel Gets the (Olive) Oil

I must share the most beautiful birthday gift I received this year – my very own olive tree from Nudo Italia that is adopted under my name and sends me bottles of its fresh olive oil throughout 2015.Nudo Olive Tree

The name of the grove is Bestagno, set in the foothills of the Italian Alps on the Riviera. Bestagno’s trees are clustered around the romantic ruins of Castello di Bestagno. This grove produces olive oil that is described as “grassy green with herbs and crunchy bell pepper.”

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Miami Beach Jet Lag Journal: Magpie

Miami Beach Jet Lag JournalI spent a weekend in Miami recently, and while I’m excited to share with you the gorgeous museum we visited in an upcoming Jet Lag Journal, I am enjoying my little souvenirs so very much now that they deserved a mention all their own.

Miami in August is like wading through pea soup. It feels as though a thick layer of fog and steam hovers around you at all times like a heat aura. But the shopping sure is a treat! And oooooo that Cuban food. Continue Reading

What I Brought Back: Mexico City & Tulum

What I Brought Back: Mexico City & Tulum


While there will be a handful of Jet Lag Journals in the somewhat near future from our A + S trip across the border to Mexico, I couldn’t help but at least share my souvenirs I brought back. First up and above are my Mexico City treasures (many were found at La Lagunilla flea market): A wooden picture frame inlaid with a floral shell design; a piece of artwork from a local artist who takes vintage family portraits and layers them with colorful designs; my very cute Mexican peasant top; a metal basket; a vintage peacock ashtray; vintage wall hooks for hat and necklace hangings; and a beautiful azul blanket. Not pictured: a Frida magnet I had to pick up from Casa Azul.

IMG_2742My beautiful Tulum tokens: A Coqui Coqui Rosa Fresca candle (handmade right from the perfumery in Tulum), a boar’s bone bracelet with rose gold rivets  (also from Coqui Coqui), and two hand stitched pillow covers.

Nothing beats a healthy collection of mementos to remind you of far away travels once you’re home–am I right?


Office Decor Magpie

Office Decor Magpie

I have been having so much fun setting up my sunny little office space with new accessories. I have become a real office decor magpie.  Here’s a few things I have my eye on.

Office Decor 1Office Decor 2


1. Hanging porcelain planter with a leather strap, to bring something natural and green to your empty white walls. From lightandladder in Brooklyn.

2. Shiny brass pencil sharpener to keep both your notes and mind sharp! From laterlier11 in Brussels.

3. Ash wood and porcelain desk catch-all, to keep your clutter Zen. From lightandladder in Brooklyn.

4. Lime green glitter push pins, to add some pizzaz to your bulletin board. From WhenItRainsShop.

5. Concrete slat photo display made of poured concrete and balsa wood, so your loved ones can stare at you while your eyes glaze over from computer screen glare. From Prinstagram, which I currently cannot get enough of!

6. Geometric washi tape, because you could keep it professional with classic Scotch. But why? From MailboxHappiness in Texas.

7. Namaste print, to remind you that you’re not actually doing brain surgery, you’re just doing marketing. From SweetPeonyPress in Canada.

8. Set of three painted wooden vases for a little office greenery, or as Tom Hanks says in You’ve Got Mail, “bouquets of sharpened pencils.” From ShadeOnShape in Poland.

Burning the Midnight Oil

Burning the Midnight Oil

Late at night, my apartment is dark and soporific, despite seven lamps in my living room.  SEVEN.  What’s a girl to do but make that eight?  Let that little light shine. But I am picky when it comes to new purchases – I buy for the long term, so usually that means natural materials (onyx, shell, marble) that do not come cheap. I am on the search for something masculine and sleek. Here’s a selection of my latest lighting finds:

Lamps Roundup1. Puzzle Table Lamp from Jonathan Adler
2. Pixo LED Table Lamp from Design Within Reach
3. Antiqued Metal Drum Table Lamp in Vintage Brass from Restoration Hardware
4. Monty Task Lamp from Jayson Home
5. Goldman Table Lamp by Ron Gilad from Flos
6. Aaron Table Lamp from Made Goods


At Your Service

At Your Service

With a new bar cart that needs to be outfitted, I recently picked up a couple serving trays to jazz it up. I am flying in the face of my own “no shopping in 2014” rule. Rebel.

An elegant white marble serving tray with shesham wood pedestal that was shipped to me in paper and twine:

serving tray serving tray serving tray(Created by Roost and purchased at Ilan Dei Studio)

A golden aluminum tray with rubber grip polka dots made in London:

Serving trayServing tray

(Created by Kaymet London and purchased at Chariots on Fire)

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