At Your Service

At Your Service

With a new bar cart that needs to be outfitted, I recently picked up a couple serving trays to jazz it up. I am flying in the face of my own “no shopping in 2014” rule. Rebel.

An elegant white marble serving tray with shesham wood pedestal that was shipped to me in paper and twine:

serving tray serving tray serving tray(Created by Roost and purchased at Ilan Dei Studio)

A golden aluminum tray with rubber grip polka dots made in London:

Serving trayServing tray

(Created by Kaymet London and purchased at Chariots on Fire)

A-mazing Lil’ A-Frame Abodes

A-mazing Lil’ A-Frame Abodes

So, honestly, summer can’t get here soon enough. I’m just sick of all the winter, cold days, and so I’ve been daydreaming and passing the time thinking about fun places to stay for weekend trips. And when I saw this round up of a-frame houses, they all looked so cute, I just couldn’t choose between which one I hypothetically could stay in. But I must say, the book-filled a-frame wall one steals my heart. Which one would you pick?

Screen-Shot-2014-02-09-at-7.56.11-PM vacation-house-plans-a-frame-forest-house-2-500x486 vacation-house-plans-a-frame-forest-house-1-500x494 2272d047328b1e3b6fab2327075a1c82 28bef1c61c6023e1a4417cb62e01de58-500x750 a-frame-post-500x452 9a9fe3a9d0dab088e6eed276a2e2201a-500x375 a-frame3__large-520x428-500x411



All images from design*sponge.

Wendy Houses

Have you ever heard of a Wendy house? It means a tiny little playhouse, and comes from the character of Wendy Darling in Peter Pan.  In the story, she is shot in Neverland, so Peter and the Lost Boys build a little house around her where she fell. I love this sweet backstory and am enchanted that it is a regular old term in the British lexicon. “What’s that in your backyard?” “Oh, it’s just my Wendy house!” Just darling. Wendy Darling.

For example, here’s a Wendy house behind Castle Drogo in Devon, England:


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One Stitch at a Time

Cross Stitch Chair

Five years ago, my friend wanted to go out to a bar after work, and I declined because I wanted to go home, make a pot of tea, and cross-stitch.  “I can’t believe you’re single,” she said.

Well, still single.  Still cross-stitching.

I adore this DIY cross-stitch chair from My Poppet and would love to do my own in shades of oat, dove gray and gold.  Plus it’s an easy project to do with a pot of tea while avoiding the bar!  She rescued this old cane chair from the curbside and beautified it, one stitch at a time.

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Tabletop Design in London (and in my apartment)

The Dinner Party 4

I am so enamored by The Dinner Party, an exhibit created for London Design Week 2013 at the Victoria & Albert in London.  The husband and wife design team Scholten & Baijings depicted a formal dinner party with handmade fake food and music specially composed for the exhibit.  They are displaying their own tableware and furniture, mixed, matched and motley.  It appears as though all the party guests hiked up their ball gowns and ran from the scene to play hide and seek among the formal topiaries in the garden seconds before you arrived in the room.

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Southampton Jet Lag Journal: Design Cravings at Homenature

Southampton Jet Lag Journal Hammock HeaderOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Southampton location of Homenature is a treat for home design fanatics like me, who spend their time wandering slowly, looking at every price tag, and touching everything whether you’re allowed to or not.  This is an oasis of natural materials – amethyst tables, linen throws, and giant shells sit alongside all-natural soaps and eco-friendly woods.

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Flow Modern Design (& Other Modernity in Palm Springs)

Palm Springs

When stopping in Palm Springs, you’ll start to recognize a certain design aesthetic and sense very fast: modernism. The whole city really thrives on this design era–and it works. You’ll find most of your home and design stores on a single strip, and while Trina Turk and Jonathan Adler are great to peruse, it is stores like Flow Modern Design that really give flavor to the design community and the city. The store is a “creative marriage between masculine and feminine elements” and if you’re into finding that long lost modernist home piece, then you must simply stop here. If only to meet the sweet creative owners too. They’re a great resource for local restaurants and bars. We took a liking to the store and its personality right away, and of course, felt like we had made great friends by the time, Elizabeth and I walked out of the store with our jewelry goodies in hand. See below for my vintage treasures I picked up and our favorite Palm Springs design store couple!

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Southampton Jet Lag Journal

Southampton Jet Lag Journal Hammock Header

A last-minute weekend getaway was calling my name in the form of Southampton.  I love this little Hamptons hamlet like an appendage.  I grabbed Kyra, my latest book, and a LIRR ticket and made my way to Uncle Danny’s house.  Years ago, he bought a house in need of some love and care and has spent every waking moment since upgrading and renovating it.  Initially, he rented the house every summer to friends, but now lucky relatives (like me) and clingers-on (like Kyra) get to enjoy his beautiful taste. Check it out:

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To Airbnb, or not to Airbnb? Northport, MI

I’ve recently taken to Airbnb. I went the distance (literally) and found my very first experience with Airbnb to be an absolute delight. (The below pictures will clearly explain why. For those of you outside of the major city (as I’ve found Airbnb is quite known in the large cities but hasn’t caught on enough outside of them) is a website devoted to allowing renter,s owners of all types place their space up for “renting” availability for shorter period of times usually seen with vacation or weekend trip. This is NOT subletting. The site creates a security check between purchaser and owner so that each feel comfortable with the other staying in their personal space. Pricing is usually and should be) cheaper than the local hotel. Tasked with the following, I decided I could only find something worthy on Airbnb.

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