Happy to Sashimi: Candy Sushi Class

candy sushi

Look at my beautiful box of sushi straight from the sea! An ocean of sugar was used to make this masterpiece, created by the clever mind of the owner of Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe. Lee creates all kinds of visionary trompe l’oeil sweets made from the plentiful array of candy that she stocks in her store: tacos, burritos, pizza, and sushi. And she’ll teach you how to make it yourself as you craft and snack along with her. Continue Reading

GoodMeal: My Go-To Weeknight Dinner App


I must introduce you tout de suite to my current favorite app! GoodMeal is a healthy, dinner-only, weeknight-only cooking and delivery service in Manhattan. You know how you dream about having a private chef to make you a different healthy meal every single night? This is the app that makes it happen. For approx. $12/meal, GoodMeal provides you with three dinner choices per night, they charge it to your card (you don’t have to enter in your info every time, it’s like an account), and they deliver it hot in about 10 minutes. It’s so delicious and so fast.

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The Water Table

Water TableIf you have ever taken a dinner cruise out of Manhattan, you are fully aware of how TACKY those air-conditioned yachts with neon tube lighting and live amped jazz can be. The Water Table is a splendid alternative that is rustic enough to appeal to the Greenpoint hipsters. A reclaimed and resurrected WWII vessel, The Water Table is a “New England tavern on the water that cruises through New York Harbor,” past the Statue of Liberty and underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. With wooden countertops, water-logged and framed maps, and coil-rope wrapped pillars, it’s a cozy, summery spot to watch the sunset. Just hang on! With the narrow waterways surrounding Manhattan, this little boat is rocking and rolling. At certain points throughout dinner, the staff yells out “HOLD ON TO YOUR DRINKS!!!” at which point everyone grabs their craft beers and Moscow mules and laughs. I was worried about getting seasick, but I counteracted that feeling with a slow and steady stream of carbonated beer.

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Via Carota

Via CarotaAfter a sunshine filled day trip to Ellis Island I stopped for lunch and a bottle of afternoon rosé at Via Carota.  I am a longtime fan of sister restaurant Buvette, both for special celebratory dinners and solo, quiet breakfasts with my book. So I was very excited to try Via Carota. The long white marble bar, the large windows that open right onto the sidewalk, and the little pots of lemon trees made for a beautiful dining room.

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Sugarwish: You are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you…

SugarwishAfter lots of hard work on a NASCAR account, I received the cutest delivery from Sugarwish as a thank you from a colleague. Sugarwish is so charming that I wanted to share with you all if you are in need of a thank you, get well, or just a sweet “thinking of you.”

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NavyKyra picked a restaurant for us to try recently based on her favorite color palette, navy and rose gold. A cozy neighborhood joint on a tree-lined street of Soho, Navy is excellent for oysters and fresh fish. I personally loved the design of the space, with canvas sails nailed down with brass rivets, and smooth blue and white tiles that reminded me of Lisbon to house the espresso machine and the oyster shucking station. We also totally loved the teeny tiny bathroom, where you pull down the sink from the wall, wash your hands, and then dump the water by folding the sink back up. If you love the design of Smith & Mills, the owners other restaurant, then you’ll love the style and bigger space of Navy.

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Bakeri WallpaperSunny days are great for so many things, chief among them a day in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and lavender shortbread. After spotting an artisanal bakery on a stranger’s Instagram feed this past winter, I’ve been wanting to go. So, having breakfast at Bakeri followed by a sunbathing session in the park and a trip to a locally-owned bookstore, made for a pretty cute Greenpoint day.  Continue Reading

Watercolor Cookies

watercolor-cookies_3-480x722Sometimes the ideas and crafts and food creations people devise really do amaze me! I mean, watercolor cookies? Yes, please! Take a look at how to make these fun and adorable edible cookies! And see if you’re inspired to make some tasty hand-made desserts as an alternative Mother’s Day gift!

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Tutto il Giorno

Tutto il Giorno AmyI recently went to breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants in the Hamptons, Tutto il Giorno, and discovered it was lunchtime. Late to rise means no breakfast. So what to do but have linguine with clams and a cocktail for breakfast! Works for me. Me and my pal Amy (remember her? – she’s the only person I want to date in 2015) had the place to ourselves. I love this decor – the gray and black monochrome, the flourishing orchids, and the local artwork.

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Foodnited States of America

Delaware Tennessee

A father-son duo have worked their way halfway through the United States assigning punny state names related to food, and photographed them for their site It’s a really fun site, with all kinds of quirky and inspiring food creations and kitchen gadgets. (I’m assuming the dad is carrying the brunt of this United States project, as his kid is all of eight years old.)

So of the states that have been created, I’ve lived in Arizona, Pennyslvania and Kentucky, and I can’t honestly say that there’s a ton of turkey-eating in Kentucky. Or even a ton of rice in Arizona – maybe cactus flower jelly? But they’re right on the money with those gross, fat Amish Pennsylvania pretzels!

My favorite? Piedaho. Duh.


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