Grace Coddington Talks Heavy Cream and Fainting

Swoon and sigh. Elettra Wiedemann, host of Elettra’s Goodness, was invited over to Grace Coddington’s actual Manhattan apartment to make a super luxe Potatoes Dauphinois. Grace “I don’t do sales or leftovers” Coddington warns that no one at Vogue should ever eat this disgustingly fatty dish. And then… excuse me… Bart the cat is chilling in the kitchen. Bart is a completely floppy and luscious ragdoll. And of course, there are chic framed photographs all over every available wall space in the kitchen.

I like Grace because she doesn’t let her judgy friends tell her that her red hair is too orange. I like my hair the way Grace likes her hair.

Now excuse me, I need to go sketch things and cook something British so I can be more like Grace.

Lunch in an Icelandic Tomato Greenhouse

Fridheimar Collage copy

Have you ever eaten a meal inside a greenhouse? In the center of Iceland, where there’s truly not much in the way of dining or entertainment, Friðheimar greenhouse glows with a warm, friendly light. Here four different varieties of tomato are grown, producing 20% of the tomatoes in Iceland. Food is served among the tomato plants, and you hear the sizzle of the greenhouse lights, and the humming of the little bees that pollinate all the plants. Continue Reading

Japanese Brunch at Juban


Look at this beautiful entrance! I couldn’t not have a meal here. Juban is a restaurant in Chelsea that makes homemade Japanese comfort food. I was not really concerned about what they served because I was drawn in by the exterior design. That worked out well because I was surprised that when their sign says, “Stop in for brunch!” it’s not the brunch food one would expect. There’s no eggs and coffee, it’s sushi and ramen and sake. I was perfectly fine with it, but my dad, Wild Bill, announced that it was weird.

Juban has beautiful artwork inside as well, loud and colorful like Murakami that climbs up the wall and curves across the ceiling. Plus wide wooden plank floors and wood sculptures on the wall like I imagine Japan interiors to be. It’s an authentic and approachable izakaya experience.

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Pastitsio

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI guess those winter vibes are really kicking in, because I’ve made two batches of soup that are in the freezer, and the sidekick and I planned a day specifically to stay inside and cook. She suggested her grandmother Liberty’s pastitsio. Does everyone remember Liberty? We hung out at Ellis Island to retrace her steps, and when she turned 100 years old, Willard Scott read her name on The Today Show (she had no idea). Well, I was tricked. I imagined pastitsio to be some sort of flaky Greek pastry dish with lamb. Oh no, it’s just plain old lasagna but with more pots and pans. What makes this lasagna Greek is the tubular pasta (as opposed to the wavy sheets) and the addition of nutmeg. Other than that, just lasagna. Might as well be Stouffer’s. Like I said, I was tricked. And my apartment smelled like parmesan cheese for three days – that scent is permanently in my nasal cavities forevermore. That said, if you love lasagna or baked pasta dishes, you will love pastitsio.

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For The Love of The Oyster

oysters on ice

Did you know that prime oyster season is from September-April?? Fact. True story. I was just asking this question a couple weeks ago when I stumbled upon some restaurant literature that answered my question for me. I love that this is the “season” since it’s eight months of the year and really encompasses three seasons. Another easy way to remember: you can eat oysters in any month spelled with an “r”.  Continue Reading

Mission Chinese

Dinner at Mission ChineseMission accomplished! Have you eaten at the New York City location of Mission Chinese, San Francisco’s nationally-known food destination? I have. And I was so lucky. This place is a true feast for both the eyes and the palate. There seems to be a glittering wall and ceiling made of crinkled aluminum foil that is…well, it’s really quite beautiful. The resin-topped tables are inlaid with colorful swirls and golden beads. And a long looooong hallway on the underground level is lined with dark mirrors on the walls and ceiling which is both exotic and disconcerting.

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How Sneakers and Cereal Go Together

IMG_3912 copy

It is the epitome of high and low: $650 navy blue leather sneakers with golden zippers on proud display under Lucite and spotlight, sharing a space with a cereal bar that mixes every delicious white trash cereal together with chocolate milk and toppings. Perfection!

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Fine Dining at Lincoln



Since the overhaul of Lincoln Center three years ago, I have wanted to visit fancy schmancy Lincoln Ristorante, the Jonathan Benno glass-fronted restaurant tucked underneath the sloping lawn of grass on the plaza. Surrounded by ballet, opera, and philharmonic theaters, the cuisine is Sicilian. Mom and I splurged before a Saturday evening at The King & I with a prix fixe menu. Some of our plates, shown below, were a little strange, but it was a festive, celebratory evening (as evenings always are when we have the opportunity to admire and listen to Kelli O’Hara).

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Egg Shop

Egg ShopBrunch = the greatest meal of the day AND the best part of the weekend. At Egg Shop, after waiting for an hour and fifteen minutes with Kyra, I was not disappointed. We were given a seat right in the front window, and the staff opened it wide open so we had a really lovely breeze. Continue Reading

Uber Eats


Following up from our GoodMeal post last week, we have another meal delivery app (or rather an updated feature on an app you already have) up for review: Uber Eats. Read on to see what I ordered for lunch during the work week and the rating I’d give this venture. . . Continue Reading

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