5 For Friday


Pink! The color for Spring fashion, and a color that has me yearning for Spring weather. I booked a long weekend to Florida with one of my best gal pals next month, and I’m hoping that the weather down there is down right steamy.  Continue Reading

New York City Ballet: The Most Incredible Thing

Ah, the New York City Ballet Art Series. I mean. In life, there’s Christmas, and then there’s Villanova basketball, and then there’s the New York City Ballet Art Series. Good grief, it never disappoints. This year’s featured artist is Marcel Dzama, an illustrator/film producer/costume designer/sculptor/watercolorist/renaissance man. He created the costumes for the premiere of Justin Peck’s newest ballet, The Most Incredible Thing, with music by Bryce Dessner of The National. In addition, he filled the lobby theater with enormous movie screens featuring Amy Sedaris dancing freakishly with a painted eyeball on her forehead.

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5 For Friday

perfect summer dress

OMG, is it really, truly Friday? I thought the day would never arrive this week, but have never been more grateful for it (except for also last Friday, and possibly the before that too. . .) because weeks have been flying by very crazy at work. Continue Reading

Winter Crafts To Keep You Busy


Around this time last year in the winter evening, I found myself at a dream catcher craft class. And as I was thinking back about how I loved making something tactile and getting out of my normal winter blues groove, I was reminded how it’s probably a good thing to occupy the brain with other fun stuff over the next few months to get through the monotony of winter. Continue Reading

5 For Friday

snowed in

The first seasonal blizzard for us in NYC is set to hit for Saturday, and I’m a ready! Personally, I see it as a great way to let the world stop or slow down for a bit and to catch up on just being where you are.  Continue Reading

Je pense à toi, Celine


Last week Celine Dion’s longtime husband, René Angélil, died from throat cancer. She says he’s “the only boyfriend I ever had.” I’ve seen this brilliant woman perform four times in Las Vegas, and she always goes for and hits the highest, hardest notes. I’m thinking of how this loss will affect her joy, and therefore her will to perform, and I hope she reaches for and overcomes this high, hard note with the same aplomb.

5 For Friday

Dinner En Plein Air

Well this week sure was a doozy. Maybe because it’s that second week that just feels so long, or maybe the anticipation for the 3-day holiday weekend just made it all the more crazy, who knows? But, it’s the first Friday of the year that I’m already saying, “TGIF” and thank the lord for the holiday weekend. Continue Reading

New Year, New Vitamins (That Actually Taste Good)

Olly Vitamins

So I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally found it very hard to get “hooked” on taking vitamins. Now that I’m already a couple years into my 30s and especially since I don’t have the most amazing eating habits, I really felt it was time to start in on some daily vitamins. But all of them out there are so “bleh”, and they’re typically in pill format, and overall, just not enticing to take every day of your life. Until Olly vitamins made their way into the world that is. . . Continue Reading

In the Wings with a Paintbrush: Backstage at The Nutcracker

Nutcracker Backstage

J’adore the New York City Ballet. (I can prove it: here, here, and here) My weekend New York Times provided such a treat – watercolor illustrations of the backstage process of an evening performing The Nutcracker. It’s a sketchbook of the world in the wings.

Below, young dancers from the School of American Ballet put on makeup, have their “cheeks” (red doll-like circles) painted on by older students, play cards and do homework. The youngest dancers play hide-and-seek. In the meantime, upstairs the professional dancers put on their own makeup in their dressing rooms.Makeup, Homework

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5 For Friday


This cozy bed looks so luxurious and has me wanting to dive right in, since I plan to stay in and lounge between my couch and the bed all weekend long. . . Continue Reading

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