5 For Friday

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Yas, yas, yas, it’s Friday. Praise to the high heavens! After two weekends back to back filled with activities, culture, out and about moves, I’m ready to take it easy and enjoy the warm weather. Continue Reading



A+S is doing something a bit different around here today. . . we’ve invited a guest blogger! She’s one cool cat, and always has a flair for words, and the best of the best parts: She’s my sister! Continue Reading

5 For Friday


Oh, glorious day, Friday, how I greet you! Today and the weekend is going to be a very Spring weather one with rain, wind, and fluctuating temperatures, but you know what? It’s all good because a dear, dear friend is here to visit and hang out with allll weekend long! At long last! It’s been in the making for over a year now, but she arrived last night, and we’re going to spend QT together and with our ol’ gal group from the old company days. Lots of good meals, laughs and even some burlesque will be experienced! Here’s to a fabulous weekend ahead!

1–This natural cure of jet lag peaked my curiosity. And I’m thinking of checking it out/following its course come August, if plans go accordingly to be able to travel to London. It sounds full proof!

2–So many good shows are back at for April, and I can’t wait, here’s the laundry list as to what I’ll be diving into: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Mindy Project, VEEP, and Catastrophe. 

3–Enjoying the thought of this outfit: This dress + these shoes + this ring. Wish I could snag them all. . .

4–I don’t think it has been mentioned on here, but I got myself an Apple watch a couple weeks ago, and to say the least: I’m absolutely loving it. In its essence, I wanted a new watch in general, so it’s already meeting that mark. But the pings about getting up to stand and to move around are such great, and important reminders, I’m listening to it about 95% of the time. And the fun, smart part is Apple made the bands easily interchangeable. So there’s a ton to go and lust after.

5–David Sedaris has a new column out in The New Yorker about shopping in Japan, like always and forever, read it so you smile today.

How cute is the cacti planter above?

Things I Googled This Week

google searchSometimes I like to think back to the week, and really get some perspective and what better way to see what you got into and thought about then reflecting on your Google searches? Continue Reading

5 For Friday

easter egg vase

Well, here we are approaching the weekend, and approaching Easter weekend Easter always is one of those holidays that just sneaks up on me, and sort of blind sides me, perhaps because after moving to NYC it’s never been a holiday to celebrate in any special way. But probably will go for some brunch and then will let the day slip away doing relaxing Sunday things. So no Easter egg hunts for me this year. . . but found this cute idea for extra/leftover eggs that you might have bought for dyeing but never got around to using. A new way to showcase flower buds! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, enjoy the links below, and see you back here next week!

1–Enjoying these illustrated prints of iconic stylish women and their solid “Truths” to live by. I know a few gals in my life who I could gift these to for their next birthdays very easily!

2–If you have the new iPhone 6 or 6s, then you know about taking “live photos” with your camera app. But there’s a new app, Live GIF that will take those live photos and turn them into a GIF for posting on your fave social feeds. Oh, the fun ways your phone continues to just suck you in. . .

3–And speaking of social feeds, Instagram is going the ways of Facebook, and taking away chronological feeds and replacing it with an algorithmic display of “most important”. I know a handful of folks, including myself, who are not so keen on this change, because all it will do is make sure we don’t gloss over the ads. Bah humbug is what I say to the changing of ways with these engagement algorithms.

4–One of my favorite online shops and websites talked about countless times on this blog, Everlane, received an office upgrade, by way of 8,000 square feet! The new office housed in an old 1920s laundry facility. It’s sleek, bright, white and down right gorgeous.

5–Ever the Whit Stillman fan for life now by way of my boyfriend, it’s always a big deal and big news when he’s got a new film making its way into the world. And this time, Stillman takes Jane Austen’s unfinished novella “Lady Susan” and pairs her story with some of his old but fave actresses from Last Days of Disco to deliver Love and FriendshipSo May 13 will be eagled eyed on the calendar from hence forth.

Photo from here.

Currently Watching

PicMonkey Collage

Lately, as in the last few weeks, I’ve been checking off a lot of films on the “to watch list”. A slew of come in at the library and my “hold” queue is delivering like none other, and alongside that, it seems the streaming providers have been releasing documentaries, all for the viewer’s taking! Here’s what a slice of what I’ve been watching as of late. . . Continue Reading

5 For Friday

blog post

Hello Friday, all the way from the Gulf Coast/Naples, Florida! I managed to work around a crazy work schedule and steal some time away to catch some rays for a weekend (although, admittedly still checking email quite regularly to not be considered a true vacation, such is life with work these days. . .). Continue Reading

5 For Friday

painted macaroons

Seems like yesterday I was approaching last Friday, and here we are again! Hooray for Friday! I’m singing this chant to myself all day long as we roll into the weekend, and I’m also thinking about how delicious and pretty all at the same time these macaroons look! It just be a macaroon kind of weekend, and I might have to find myself visiting Lauderée for some legitimate ones when in SoHo on Saturday. The weather is certainly settling into Spring-like temperatures, so it will be pleasant to stroll about. Hope you’re able to get outside and enjoy the temperatures this weekend!

1–How many home makeovers can one internet universe take? Apparently a lot, and I’m always amazed by them (it’s no wonder that Fixer Upper is all the rage and these home makeover shows are still garnering views) but this one, I not only looked at all the pictures but actually read all the captions and text–that’s how interested I was in it.

2–I got to see one of my favorite musicians, Ray Lamontagne, in a private free album release show (backed by My Morning Jacket) at The McKittrick Hotel last week, and it was everything. Now, Ray is talking about his new album with Rolling Stone in his always off-the-cuff, just don’t care, here’s who I am attitude.

3–Yes, please to these melon pink peep toe Rachel Comey block heel sandals. They’re just so unique and cute!

4–I’ve really, really got my eye on this Provincetown, MA new hotel that opened up. I’m a sucker for bright, white spaces and are brand new, what can I say?

5–I also finally got to see Leon Bridges in concert at The Beacon this week, and the man did not disappoint. In fact, all I can think about is getting his album Coming Home on vinyl and listening to his sweet sounds on analog.

Image from here.

Shopping For Spring

antibes doen top

‘Tis the time of year where I start to seriously peruse the website for new spring wear with the weather changing full swing back and forth between 20 degree difference in a single day.  Continue Reading

5 For Friday


Another week, come and gone! Crazy how fast they fly by if you’ve gotten into a routine and are just IN IT. This week with not much on the calendar it still managed to go by fast. But now I’m ready to just jump into the weekend (Aren’t we all?). Continue Reading

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