Art Garments

Art Garments

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I’ve fallen in love with a new Instagram account, and I’ve been meaning to share it here on the blog for a few weeks. So I’m very excited to share with you @artgarments! 

I’ve always loved the detail of fashion represented in art, and it seems to be one of the first details I hone in when I’m studying a work of art. So when I saw The Sartorialist’s suggestion to follow this handle, I scooped right up on that suggestion and have been following @artgarments ever since.

It’s like the best of both worlds as you get artwork and fashion all in one curated experience, and some of them are just so beautiful! Here are some of my recent faves but honestly it was really hard to choose favorites, since I love them all.

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I love seeing the historic fashions and just how different yet similar “threads” and trends still crop up in current fashion for instance like the stripes above. Every retail and designer I know that makes cotton wear has a striped garment for sale. Now if only we can bring back delicate lace cuffs as well. . .

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So glad Instagram exists for this type of reason alone, sharing and curating great themes and ideas that so many people can take part in! Ah, the joy of technology and the future.

All images from Art Garments account.

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