Elizabeth loves a beautiful hotel website (#hotelporn – pass it on), lemon spaghetti from Morandi, her mom, a good hike, some quality alone time in the middle of a crowd, and live theater – always always live theater. (She would prefer to spell it “theatre,” but alas she is not British. If she could get away with it, she would also embrace the pronunciations of Renayssance and oregahno.) Her fantasy is to marry a rancher, move to Montana, work the horses, mend fences, and bake pies during thunderstorms. She is a bookworm who refuses to take book recommendations.  You can frequently find her skulking around numerous NYC Library branches. Elizabeth believes in: Karma, kindness, and making every day a vacation day. 


Kyra lives in Brooklyn, NY and moved to the greatest city in the world from the Midwest 7 years ago. (She’s going for a full decade!) She lives for great conversation, fashion, literature, and good music. She indulges in savory meals, travel around the world, and jewelry. She wants to share her latest finds, thoughts and questions through this blog, and can’t wait for the outside world to discover what the tag team has to offer. In the past she’s written for LoftLifeSaveur, and TraceMost recent travel destination: Montauk Most recent finished book: Flight Behavior. Most recent enjoyed meal: Tapas at Pata Negra. You can follow her here: TwitterPinterest, and Instagram