A Brooklyn B&B: Urban Cowboy

A Brooklyn B&B: Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy8

For a year or so, I’ve been walking along the exterior of this building that sits at the end of our Williamsburg, Brooklyn street, and wondering why anyone would go all out for such a unique home, as it certainly stands out amongst the Brooklyn apartment crowd. . . but I also always admired it of course as well. I’d see groups gathered on the lower level and always still try to figure it out, what exactly was the angle. . . until recently I passed it again, and not seen in this picture, the “house” added some rustic looking signage spelling out: B&B!

Ah ha! Mystery solved! Not only mystery solved, but now I’m pining for a staycation that literally sits a half a mile down the street from me. . . Urban Cowboy is the spot to be! Check out all the lovely shots, options and pricing below via pics and by hitting up their site! I’m really coming to love a good B&B, as they’re charming and much more personal. And in Brooklyn, they’re even more hard to come by. So next time you’re looking to mosey on through the city, look to something unique, skip the hotel/AirBnb and see if Urban Cowboy can hook you up!

 Urban Cowboy

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