Anne & Gilbert’s Wedding Shoot

So many girls all over the world love Anne Shirley for her spunk, her independence, and her open heart. Ooooh, and that wild, red hot hair and temper. Canadian wedding photographer Jessica Zais loves her too, and directed an Anne-inspired shoot complete with raspberry cordial, the “Lady of Shallott” reenactment in a rowboat, and individual towers of carrot cake (get it? “carrots”) in the White Way of Delight. This shoot made me laugh out loud – don’t these people have their own names? But I just had to share these dreamy scenes.

AOGG_0038 boat5 bouquet2 JZais_0007-2 JZais_0015 JZais_0024 JZais_0034 JZais_0036 JZais_0052 JZais_0080 JZais_0102 JZais_0115 JZais_0122 napkins1 st2

There’s plenty more where that came from: visit Jessica Zais.

One comment

  1. Laurie Elle · · Reply

    Lovely, Elizabeth! I especially like the cakes with old fashioned frills and the teacups!!

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