Make Way for Ego

Once upon a time, someone somewhere had a guest on their talk show or a band at their venue and decided to be thoughtful and provide some little snacks in their dressing room.  Maybe a little cereal box. Maybe some Kleenex. Maybe an extra tube of lip gloss. Who was the maniac who decided to give this little bit of consideration a name: a rider. The word literally has nothing to do with snacks or supplies. And how did this become industry standard? Can’t celebs show up with their own packages of mixed nuts and Tylenol?

Photographer Henry Hargreaves played with these egotistical demands, creating Victorian still life vignettes out of the products requested by band riders.

Jordin Sparks has a rider that includes carrot sticks and raisins. How cute. Lil’ healthy thing. These folks are not so normal. In fact, the most acceptable requests below are ones made by Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga. Go figure! Frank Sinatra, you Mob-obsessed drunk. Britney Spears, you wish you resembled Princess Diana. Prince, aren’t B-12 injections illegal since it was discovered that they’re laced with…ohhhh…meth?

Al GreenAxl RoseBeyonceBritney SpearsFoo FightersFrank SinatraLady GagaMariah CareyNew Kids on the BlockNine Inch NailsPrinceVan Halen

If I had a rider, it would consist of:
1. A nice bottle of Veuve
2. Cape Cod potato chips in a crystal bowl
3. No other human beings around to bother me so I can sit down and read peacefully

Et toi?

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  1. Can you still get Cape Cod potato chips??? I thought they had gone out of business?
    All the lovely food made me drool all over my computer.

  2. […] Check out Henry Hargreaves’ other work featured here on A+S: still life portraits of famous band riders. […]

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