These Things Lately

Maybe because it’s winter, and maybe because it’s the new year, or maybe it’s just because it’s NYC–but I’ve been pining for some new and shall we say, adult-like, lifestyle things lately. Living in NYC, you give up certain comforts, and what you generally hear is: space. But the conversation stops there, and people usually don’t go on to say all the various lifestyle comforts that come with space. Below are a few things I’m dying to one day get my hands on and wishing I could call my own. . .

This reading nook + coffee table. Bliss. Heaven. Sigh.

kelley-moore-house-tour_livingroom_1 kelley-moore-house-tour_livingroom_2

If you’ve talked to me recently, you know I’ll finally consider myself a “grown up” if I can own a coffee table. My apartment’s odd-shape leaves no room for one, so it’s a furniture piece I never thought about until I realized I couldn’t have one. And, a reading nook like this one seems so idyll for long winter days where you just want to read somewhere else (besides your couch and bed). I do believe both of these would be so sublime for the interior life.

Laundry facilities (like right in my own living quarters).

washer and dryer

I consider this piece of acquisition, also “Phase II” of adulthood, and will have “finally made it”, once I have my own washer and dryer. Curtailing your laundry schedule based on the weather and walking it to a laundry mat and in between a full work week is a spirit crusher (my past weekend)! Forget about a laundry room as most people in the US take for granted, I would take the tiniest, smallest closet of a washer and dryer to call my own. A closet is definitely totally sufficient and all I seek for laundry heaven.

This lil’ guy, or something in his relative dog breed family.


So if you know me, I really only like one kind of dog, and that’s the French bulldog. Don’t even try to persuade me otherwise, I’ve made up my mind and its pretty much a done deal. This is Toby. My blogger friend (and old co-worker pal), Gloria, posts the cutest Toby photo-ops on her blog, and it’s yet another reminder how I want a lil’ French pup in my life. I will take any color please! Having one to snuggle with in the winter months would be so grand. Taking them out into the freezing cold for walks and bathroom breaks, not so much. But it’s always a give and a take with pets, I get it.

These are some things as of lately that I’ve been daydreaming about during the winter months. . .

Images from: coco + kelley, Design Public, and Little White Whale.

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