Viviane Sassen

I came across Viviane Sassen‘s photography through Miss Moss’s blog recently, and I’m so glad I did. The photography is shot across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia. This specific series that plays with light and shadow, color and darkness is called “Flamboya” and features many arresting portraits of what Sassen says, she wants the viewer to feel “the distance while also feeling close.” Some of my favorites are below, but to see more, head on over to Miss Moss’s blog at the bottom.

miss-moss-viviane-sassen-001 miss-moss-viviane-sassen-002 miss-moss-viviane-sassen-003 miss-moss-viviane-sassen-005 miss-moss-viviane-sassen-008 miss-moss-viviane-sassen-010 miss-moss-viviane-sassen-011 miss-moss-viviane-sassen-013 miss-moss-viviane-sassen-017

All images from Miss Moss and Viviane Sassen.

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One comment

  1. Fi Dastoor · · Reply

    Such clever photography and so graphic. Just wonderful to view. Thanks for posting this so we can all enjoy the brilliant photography.

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