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5 For Friday

home bliss

So it’s the last Friday in February–thank god. And now we can focus on moving into March with even more steps forward toward April, the first true month of Spring weather.  Continue Reading

Hiho Batik Dreamweaver Craft Night

photo 1

Just last night, two fine A+ S ladies found themselves in a batik children’s clothing shop in Park Slope crafting away at dream catchers! Continue Reading

Cake Icing 101: NOT a Piece of Cake

Table of CakesI have been known to scarf sugar in a truly unladylike fashion. As in, give me a giant bowl of Lucky Charms (like the kind of bowl you’re supposed to mix ingredients in, not the kind you’re supposed to eat cereal in) and douse the top with chocolate syrup. A pint of ice cream? No match for me, why stop at a pint when a gallon is available? Plus it’s like literally sitting next to the pint in the freezer section. Ordering dessert at a restaurant? It’s weird to share. I didn’t give you half my dinner, why would I give you half my dessert? And I just don’t understand cheesecake. It’s like cake for people who can’t handle a major sugar intake. Lindsay (it’s been a while since her last appearance, huh?) says that my normal eating habits include gorging on “half-a-cake-in-half-a-day.” So a snowy day in New York City, while covered in layers of bulge-hiding fabrics, is a great time to don an apron and spend a couple hours in Magnolia Bakery.

Continue Reading

Best Actress Gowns, One Year at a Time


I love this handy chart of every dress ever worn by the Best Actress Academy Award winners. Soon to be updated with the gown worn by my hairspiration, Julianne Moore!Oscar Dresses ChartAlso, look at the list of actresses at the bottom who are not pictured because they didn’t show to the Oscars. Katharine Hepburn was a no show THREE TIMES. At some point, you just don’t deserve those statuettes. Come on, Kate, it’s the Academy Awards!

This week’s Melodic Monday is themed in honor of the awards. One of my favorite movies of the year, Begin Again, was nominated for the song Lost Stars. There were two versions of it in the movie, the unplugged, sweet and mellow original and the revamped version that Adam Levine’s character makes a fortune from. Check it out on the widget on the right.


5 For Friday


If you’re in the Northeast right about now, then you’re probably like me and feeling like you want to be one of these bathing beauties from the 50s. Continue Reading

Elena Ferrante: Neapolitan Novels

elena ferrante

What you see stacked before you is a wonderful sandwich of Italian fiction work by Elena Ferrante, and what has also become my book drug of choice over the past couple of months. Continue Reading

Gansevoort Market (Ssshhhhh, don’t tell!)

Gansevoort Market ExteriorThere is an uncrowded, beautiful food hall in New York City right in my neighborhood. Yes, I said uncrowded. As someone who has heart palpitations as she throws elbows in Chelsea Market to pick up milk (god forbid I need to get milk AND avocados AND wine, then I need to go to three different locations and my entire afternoon is shot). I almost hate to tell you about it, because I dread the day I enter these doors and can’t freely move through the lovely food stalls. Almost hate to tell you, but I will. Right at the entrance to the High Line in Meatpacking, I give you… Gansevoort Market.

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Joan Didion at Danziger Gallery

Joan Didion

Julian Wasser’s famous photographs of Joan Didion for Time – in a long, flowing dress leaning against her newly purchased Corvette Stingray at her rental house in Hollywood, cigarette in hand, a hint of a smirk instead of a smile – are on view in a tiny back room of the Danziger Gallery. Continue Reading

5 For Friday

valentine's day cookies

Happy Friday everyone! What do you have planned for Gal-entine’s or Valentine’s day tomorrow? Continue Reading

Jet Lag Journal: Lima, Peru

Jet Lag Journal_Lima

Over the New Year’s I finally crossed off another long-awaited bucket list trip: Peru. And while the entire trip was an ‘Amazing Race’ kind of travel ordeal what with multiple modes of transportation, the constant feeling of being on the move, and the length of time we spent traveling, it was all worth it in the end to have the experience of not just Machu Picchu but Lake Titicaca as well. Continue Reading

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