Dustin Yellin Art Series at New York City Ballet
Tips for the taking when traveling to Lake Titicaca
Rum punches and cliff diving in Negril, Jamaica

Pixelated Norwegian Cash

100 and 200 kronerThe central bank of Norway, Norges Bank, invited eight firms to submit ideas for fresh banknotes for the country. Snøhetta, a design firm from Oslo whose projects have included New York City’s 9/11 Memorial Museum, took top honors, and their new bills are expected to go into circulation in 2017.

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Fata Morgana

Fata MorganaTeresita Fernández, a New York City-based artists who creates public sculpture, has taken over Madison Square Park with her beautiful installation Fata Morgana. Named for a mirage that appears right on the horizon, the art installation does just the same – shimmers horizontally above the park. (Smart, right?) This is the largest sculpture ever on display in the park and consists of 500 feet of golden, polished mirrors that create canopies over the pathways. Sunlight flickers through them and creates the same dappled shapes on the ground. The mirrored discs pick up the reflections of the surrounding grass, tulips, cherry blossoms and birch trees. And they pick of the reflection of you, too, posing for a Sidekick Selfie!

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5 For Friday

tina turner 1

Always gotta love a photo of Tina Turner and one shot by Bruce Weber especially! I hadn’t seen this photo before and I found the tranquility, casual serene stance perfect for this Friday. Plus, when else does it make sense to see Tina Turner in a bath towel on a rocking chair? Continue Reading

Some Spring Closet Additions

PicMonkey Collage

Spring weather calls for what else (besides umbrellas)? Some new additions to the S/S wardrobe! I thought I’d share some thoughts to the purchases above as some of them I’m excited about and others, I’m actually a bit undecided. . . Continue Reading

Emerald Isle Style


Emerald Isle StyleMy main squeeze Lindsay is taking a vacation without me, and without inviting me. She is going to play only child and spend two weeks on a road trip through Ireland with her parents. Rolling hills, random traffic jams of sheep, socially acceptable day drinking from flasks, and strange but yummy traditional breakfasts are in her future. The trio will all spend hours and hours together in the car and will also share one hotel room. Knowing her parents, they will encourage her to sleep in the middle to get in as much quality time as possible. Can’t wait to hear about it. Sidekick is easily stressed out (oh nooooo, I have to go on a free vacation and pack things in a suitcase???) so she asked for a packing round-up, and provided me with a cute title for the post as she is wont to do. If I was packing, here’s what I would do: stick with a color scheme of white, black, hunter green, and burgundy red. One pair of white jeans, one pair of black jeans, one jumper, and a series of solid tops, and call it a day. Cute flats for indoors, some rain boots for frolicking in dewy fields (short ones, so they’re not too egregious in the suitcase), and at least one silly accessory.

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Chicks in the Sticks: Breakneck Ridge

WaterfallDun dun DUNNN!!!! It’s time to bare your legs, and yes, butt too – for it is Spring, which means day trips to the beach are right around the corner. So I’ve been hitting the gym and this past weekend, hitting the trail too. Breakneck Ridge is a mountain along the Hudson River just about 90 minutes upstate by train. If you muster up the energy to wake up and grab a green juice by the 8:43 train out of Grand Central, you’re in for a treat. Exiting at Breakneck station is entertaining in itself, as you have to exit by one set of doors only onto little wooden makeshift steps. Out of those doors pour the hikers, backpacks and hiking poles in hand. And some dogs. A short walk leads you to the trail head, and from that point on, you are in for it.

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Jamaica Jet Lag Journal: Catered Spring Break

Jet Lag Journal Jamaica

There are few things better than a vacation in a beautiful locale, except when you do it with 20 other people that you know and have great parties together. Spring Break? Close. Try Catered Spring Break. My friends threw a couple beautiful parties right on the cliffs of The Rockhouse and The Caves in Negril as the sun set. With glowing lanterns and banana cake and little shells at every place setting, they could not have been more magical. Well maybe if Taye Diggs was there it could have been more magical. But it was pretty great, nonetheless.

Abbey's Party

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5 For Friday

water slide in summer

Even though it’s just feeling like Spring finally, Summer is right around the corner–I can feel it, and nothing says summer like water slides! They’re the quintessential activity and just amp up the idea of summer living days. Continue Reading

A Brooklyn B&B: Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy8

For a year or so, I’ve been walking along the exterior of this building that sits at the end of our Williamsburg, Brooklyn street, and wondering why anyone would go all out for such a unique home, as it certainly stands out amongst the Brooklyn apartment crowd. . . but I also always admired it of course as well. Continue Reading

House for Sale: Weeeeeee!!!!!

House on the market for too many months? Why bother burying a statue of St. Joseph upside down on the front lawn when you can build a freaking roller coaster tour!!!! It’s like Disney’s People Mover takes on real estate. Obviously something this cool happened in the Netherlands.

Discovered on: BBC

Bahamian Inspiration

54c2e40e131ca_-_04-hbx-trelliswork-foyer-1114-s2With Spring colors appearing in little bursts everywhere, I’m being drawn to oranges and greens in all shades. This house in the Bahamas shies away from the typical blue and white color palette (thank goodness, I can go off on blue and white for days) and embraces mint, kelly green, and bright orange bursts. It’s really as delicious as a Creamsicle.

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