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Ethiopian scarves for your wintry shopping pleasure.

Winter Hibernation


Working at a newspaper, this winter storm is all we’re talking about – the editors are continuously updating a live feed with weather news from around the country, and we’re working to sell last-minute real-time first alert weather ads.

One of my favorite things about living in New York (it’s a long list, and this is definitely in my top five) is just how alive it becomes in the middle of a blizzard. When the suburbanites hunker down, the city dwellers head out. We lace up our snow boots and trudge our way to a neighborhood restaurant, a cozy, well-lit haven in the middle of the gray and snowy street. And then we just hang out for hours as the snow piles up outside, drinking and eating and having our own city version of hibernation.

So here’s what I’m hoping for: my commuter colleagues can’t get in to the city tomorrow (that’s fine, stay home), and I’ll leave work a little early and hole up in a restaurant with a newspaper (ummm, I admit, probably not the one that I work for) and a coffee…ahem, bourbon…until it’s time to trudge home through the snow.

Stay safe, kids, and may you find a warm, cozy place in which to hibernate yourselves. (I recommend getting this song stuck in your head.)

Cinemagraph: Ann Street Studio

5 For Friday

Friday with sprinkles

A Friday always calls for some sprinkles, just because it’s Friday and because sprinkles always make life better. Go for the sprinkles, today’s the day! (I see it on an Urban Outfitters space-dyed tee already. . .). Continue Reading

All About Ethiopia


Today’s post is all about Ethiopia because two lovely things came into my life last week about the country: scarves and photographs. So, first what you see pictured above are Taarik scarves–pretty darn beautiful, no? Continue Reading

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Ship Your Enemies Glitter


I host a holiday party every year that requires fully grown men in black tie to do crafts. Unbeknownst to me, someone found my little glitter stock that was hidden in my closet. A month to the day later, I am still sweeping glitter off the floor, from my counter stools, and in every crevice, corner and baseboard. People. I fully sweep my home five times a week. So I know how glitter can hurt.

When I heard about Ship Your Enemies Glitter, I stored this away in the designated evil portion of my brain. The description of the website is particularly evil-laugh-worthy:

We fucking hate glitter. People call it the herpes of the craft world. What we hate more though are the soulless people who get their jollies off by sending glitter in envelopes.

So I feel like my dreams are crushed, because last week the founder took to social media to literally beg people to forget all about him and evil glitter shipment company. One Twitter response that I particularly enjoyed: @matcarpenter You have made your glitter-coated bed and I’m afraid you will have to lie in it.

Start-ups fail by 80%. This is one. The company was live for 24 hours. Can’t take the heat.

Photo: Ship Your Enemies Glitter

5 For Friday

oh snap

Oh, snap is right–it’s Friday, holla! This week being my first full week back after the holidays (I know, not typical and last week was for most the first full week), it went by fast catching up on schedules, pace, meetings and even a day trip to Philly. Continue Reading

Early 2015 Book Haul

photo (68)


Can you guess what one of my favorite parts about the holidays season is? Hint, the answer is in the above photo. . .  Continue Reading

It is snowing, raining, freezing in New York. So let’s sing about snow.

If you have never seen White Christmas, then you have missed out on one of the strangest little ditties about weather ever created. I watched White Christmas for the first time this year and was baffled by this song. Who was sitting at that table filled with movie writers, composers and executives and decided that filming a napkin with pieces of green fluff was worth its own little feature part in this song? “I wanna wash my hat, my face, my hair in snow.” What? This song is particularly fun when you have a friend a friend to sing the Snow Snowww SNOWWW parts with you in bad, off-key harmony.

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows

Bergdorf Goodman

The Bergdorf Goodman windows are without a doubt the most luxe, bee-yoo-tiful holiday windows in New York City every single year. This year’s Bergdorf windows are a celebration of the arts – my favorite! – and traditional craftsmanship (in the spirit of Blake Lively, perhaps? Congrats, new mama). A mixture of fine arts, performing arts, and applied arts, this is an eight-window course in Art Appreciation 101. Have a sip of hot chocolate and enjoy.

The Art of Architecture, built completely from paper and old blueprints:


Continue Reading

5 For Friday

celine_joan didion

Well, here it is: 2015! We’re a week in and the year is still ahead of us for the taking. I just got back from my Peruvian adventure and while I feel refreshed, traveling does take a toll on you. Since I was on the move every 36-48 hours, it really felt like “The Amazing Race” for our trip. Continue Reading

Grace’s Fashion Meets Myrtle’s Coven

Grace Coddington


As a cable cord-cutter, I am often one season behind on television series which means that I am in the midst of the Coven season on American Horror Story. I am loving the different set designs for the white and black witches. The white, uptight witch bitches in their spare, white mansion lined with old portraits is an obvious contrast from the voodoo witches who offer ritual sacrifices with their warm colors, clunky jewelry, and neighborhood hair salon.

I particularly love the tribute to Grace Coddington with the character of Myrtle Snow (another white, spare image), played by Frances Conroy. Check out Grace’s mane above as she sketches during Fashion Week, compared with that of Myrtle’s.

Continue Reading

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