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5 For Friday

dress up

Happy Halloween Friday! I will admit: the holiday just isn’t my thang. I haven’t been into “dressing up” or planning a costume in eons, and while you read this “5 For Friday” post, I’m actually away, and skipped out of town to Miami for an old friend’s wedding. Continue Reading

‘Tis The Season & The Temperatures. . .


To start going grey! Head to toe I’m saying’. Something about this full look has got me hooked!  Continue Reading

What Kids Around the World Eat For Breakfast


Do you ever travel to Asia, wake up and stretch, and sit down for breakfast in front of a steaming plate of …. fish ramen? That’ll make you homesick, for sure. But for the lovely little children in Japan, that’s completely normal and comforting. The New York Times published an adorable article about what kids around the world eat for breakfast. I love the rumpled, pajama-clad kids with their wild bed hair.

Personally, for me breakfast means green juice. Which I don’t think any kid, in any country, at any time, would want to have for a meal. If I had my pick of breakfasts below, it would be Amsterdam all the way.

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Vernon God Little & Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

Vernon God Little Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

I recently read two Man Booker Prize winners about boys, written by boys, with the boy characters’ names in the title. One was charming, the other, not so.

The first, Vernon God Little, is the story of a high school boy who witnessed his best friend commit a mass school shooting. When the shooter killed himself, the crime was pinned to Vernon Little, a high schooler who hates his mom, has a filthy mouth, and just cannot catch a break. He skips town, runs off to Mexico, becomes the subject of many a television special, and finally gets caught by a high school honey trap. One of the reviews compared it to A Confederacy of Dunces. Ugh, I thought, deep breath, here we go. DBC Pierre has no end of fun with words and spelling and sound, so while I didn’t enjoy the story, I very much respected the craft.

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5 For Friday

joan didion

Our love for Joan Didion knows no bounds here on this blog (if you recall, we recently posted about toting her words all the way to Mexico on that Jet Lag Journal). And I have the pleasure of sharing the great news that a documentary is to be by her nephew.  Continue Reading

Venice Beach & Santa Monica Jet Lag Journal

Santa Monica Jet Lag Journal

As I start to look toward the end of the year and look back at all the travel I’ve been fortunate to take over this year, I’m looking back most fondly at this most recent trip I took with my main man over our birthdays’ weekend back at the beginning of October. Continue Reading

Chicks in the Sticks: Woodstock Edition


Our Chicks in the Sticks series continues with a weekend jaunt (with a real, live baby!!!) to Woodstock, NY. If you read A+S, you’ll know we visited this lovely spot this summer and rode bikes, spent hours at the library book sale, sunned on the rocks at the swimming hole, and relaxed at Herb Cottage. I went back this weekend for some quality time with my best friend and our baby to admire the fall foliage. We were on Baby Tutu’s schedule with napping and eating, but it didn’t matter – we were happy to relax and drink wine in the cottage in the middle of the day, and go to bed early after a movie. One day I took a long run in the pouring rain during naptime – whew, those leaves were slippery and those hills are no joke! Check out some of the gorgeous autumn colors (and some surprise Baby Tutu shots thrown in).

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Land’s End: A Walk Through Provincetown

Land's End


You know how much I love Provincetown: houseboats, drinking espresso martinis at The Red Inn, wishing the drag queens would invite me to be part of their act. So when Michael Cunningham, an author I deeply love, joined in the Crown Journeys series to write a love story to his favorite town, Land’s End: A Walk in Provincetown, I waited 5 weeks to order my own copy from my little corner bookshop. Continue Reading

5 For Friday

throw back

Time to throw your head back and sigh–because it’s Friday! This week seemed so looong, I don’t know about you, but I think those first full week’s back after a vacation always seem like a doozy, and so, this one did for me! Continue Reading

Grand Banks

The Grand Banks

Hey, NYers have you heard about Grand Banks yet? I mentioned awhile back in a “5 For Friday” post how I needed to find myself aboard the historic schrooner. . . well summer slipped away before I knew it, but I still wanted to get there before they closed up shop and sailed away! So for a belated birthday dinner rendez-vous, a couple of my finest lady friends and I made it aboard for some drinks and oysters.

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