Before The Whitney shuts its doors and moves downtown, it’s pulling out all the stops with a three-floor Jeff Koons retrospective. The building is going out with a bang (or with all those Koons vacuum cleaners encased in Lucite, should I say a vroom). Koons is the guy with those giant dog balloon toys – a […]


Those voluptuous, curvy, jiggly Renaissance women that we admire in paintings but think – oh god, their thighs are HUGE – were the most beautiful women of their time. Now, of course, NO ONE would be painting us gals with similar figures. Photo editor Lauren Wade of TakePart.com has Photoshopped many of these famous paintings […]

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Ah, le weekend. Feels good every Friday to know it’s right there waiting for us at our fingertips. While I won’t be inside perusing and consuming magazines, newspapers, etc. I do plan to take it easy. I’m also planning on seeing the new Woody Allen film, Magic in The Moonlight. My main man and I […]


It’s officially 95% sunny summer days in NYC, and I’m going through my sunglass rotation like nobody’s business. And with a hyper-sensitivity to the light in my eyes, I never leave home without a pair (not sure how this evolved, as a kid, I never even noticed the sun in my eyes). I like a healthy […]


We love our rooftop gardens here in New York City. When people own virtually no property, where can you grow basil but up on the roof? The McKittrick Hotel created the ultimate rooftop garden, and decked it out with train tracks and an old, decrepit train car where you can eat brunch. Brunch here is […]


Montauk, NY is one of the few places in the Hamptons with plentiful hotels and inns. Life in the Hamptons very much revolves around renting or owning a house, not popping by for the weekend.  But Montauk is very handy that way – renovated, beautiful hotels filled with young people from the city are available […]

friends biking

Happy Friday! And happy “Friend Friday”! I say that because one of my most dearest friends is arriving today, and we have the whole weekend to make waves throughout the city, catch up, and just do whatever–together. It’s supposed to be great weather which means lots of eating outdoors and maybe even heading to Rockaway […]

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Earlier this week, we posted about “10 Women Writers All Women Should Read ” and as a woman and a reader, I’d like to add my own addition to this list: Barbara Kingsolver. I’d like to add her to the list (not just because she went to my college) because her way that she crafts language, and […]

Redhead Reading

  As a voracious bookworm, I have always preferred female to male writers. And unlike the business world or the art world, it seems that there is a sense of gender equity among writers. Women authors receive just as much press and win just as many awards as their male counterparts. For every John Updike, there […]

Met Roof Garden

Every summer, The Met commissions a new work of art for their roof garden. Last year, the entire concrete floor was hand painted in red swirls by Imran Qureshi. This year, the work is by Dan Graham, an artist from Illinois who is particularly interested in human interaction with architecture. So he created a swirling steel […]

baby elephant

With all the recent stories and the dismal plight of the elephant race these days, I couldn’t help sigh and then share this baby elephant photo. Not to go to down the depressing path, but something seriously will have to change in our lifetime for the existence to carry on for so many species. It’s […]


I’ve had a sweet spot for The Selby since my days working at an interior magazine, so the better part of almost seven years. I fell in love with his website and photographs because he seemed to always catch and snap the unnoticed object or color scheme to someone’s studio, apartment, or room. And his […]


Working at The Metropolitan Museum of Art has its perks. Entrance on Mondays, for instance, when the museum is closed to the public. Or sneak peeks at the annual star-studded Met Gala, when the entire building smells like roses. But for my mom, who works in the children’s education programs, her favorite perk is the […]


We at A+S love our Airbnbs and we love our quick jaunt trips to Hudson. But, have you heard of Home Away? We don’t think it gets nearly enough attention as its Airbnb competitor, but really offers the same level of experience and gives you even more options to choose from in a visiting city! […]


A+S spent a dreamy weekend upstate in the country getting our flower children on. Woodstock, NY is still reaping the benefits of those three days of peace, love and music in the summer of ’69. It is truly a home to artists, yogis, and vegans, and they stroll through the town square with their protest […]


Happy Friday and Happy Independence Day! The above festive pop rock cake (yes, you read that correctly) complete with sparklers seems like such a cute idea that I’d love try (for next year’s festivities though). I imagine you make any kind of vanilla cake with frosting and add pop rocks like you would with sprinkles. […]

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Since Friday is the upcoming holiday, I thought I’d pull an old switcheroo and move on up the typical “5 For Friday” post to today. Each link has something to do with anticipation to our Independence Day. If you’re already heading out on a long vacation–lucky duck! And if you’re like me with not a […]


So there’s some news I’d like to spread and actually dismiss the previously conceived of conception: The biggest sales for clothing don’t happen around the holiday time frame in Nov./Dec., and they actually start in July. Now’s the time the stores are seriously trying to haul away clothes from not only their spring collection but […]

Rainbow Pancakes

Sunday was Pride Day here in NYC, and as I rolled my suitcase home from Penn Station, I stepped over the detritus of the celebration: pieces of neon hair extensions, confetti, posters claiming “I’m not gay but my boyfriend is,” and obviously a plentiful array of condoms.  NYC Pride Day is the Care Bear Stare […]

Grove Street

I used to be convinced that West 10th Street between 5th and 6th is my NYC mecca. Then it was Commerce Street, due in part to its curvature and in part to the tiny Cherry Lane Theater. My latest NYC mecca, the holiest place in this metropolis and also a perfectly good excuse for a […]


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