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5 For Friday

Banksy in Bristol

How great is this image of Banksy’s street art in Bristol? How clever he is. . . thank you, Pinterest, for always delivering new and surprising photographs into my life!  I don’t have a lot cookin’ for this weekend, which now given the continuous cold temperatures is fine by me. Continue Reading

4 Holiday Libations To Try

Cocktails for The Holidays

‘Tis the season for quite a few things coming up: parties, holiday food, holiday decor, gift lists, and the list goes on. . . but definitely not to be forgotten are holiday libations! Nothing like a festive drink to help celebrate the season with your favorite folks. Continue Reading

Yes, It’s Cold, But I Wouldn’t Call it a VORTEX

The weather outside is cold, but not yet frightful. Lines for hot coffee are extra long in the mornings these days, and I am anticipating a couple evenings spent admiring Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday windows and a few hot chocolate martinis at Gramercy Tavern. I am also on the hunt for some lovely table decorations for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here’s a quick roundup.Holiday Table Decoration Collage

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Chicks in the Sticks: Shenandoah Valley Edition

Shenandoah Valley


My preppy, pearl-wearing pal from Orange County was in DC for a conference, so I took advantage of her (relatively) close proximity and we spent a weekend out in the boonies of Virginia – the Shenandoah Valley. Continue Reading

5 For Friday


Whoa, nelly, this week. I mean, I don’t know if was just me (was it?) but it seemed to be a bit more on the rough side. Each day it seemed to get darker and darker earlier, which just isn’t right. And it just kept dragging on. So rejoice I will for today–for today means the start to a very lazy weekend ahead. Continue Reading

Not Too Young, Not Too Old & Somewhere In Between

eileen fisher_the new yorker

I had a revelation the other day, that isn’t grand by any means, but nonetheless: I was looking in the mirror and realized I was simultaneously analyzing the zits across my face while counting the grey hairs debuting around my part in my hair. Continue Reading

Chicks in the Sticks: West Cornwall Edition

West Cornwall


What to do when you’re too old to trick or treat, but don’t have a kid of your own to escort around the neighborhood? An orphan’s Thanksgiving in a cabin in the woods is just the ticket. Any A+S readers remember last year’s trip to West Cornwall, Connecticut? We’re back again, with nothing on the agenda except to stoke the fireplace and cross stitch. Annnnd to create bizarre, inappropriate, over-the-top Halloween costumes and then go nowhere in them. We all hid in our bedrooms to pull together our costumes and then (with entrance music, natch) we descended the stairs for the big reveal. Photos are verboten, so all I can share with you is my own mini top hat accessory and our ghoulish tablescape.

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Fire Starters

Amy AdamsAs a fake redhead for over five years now, do I count as a real redhead? I’ve been coppery and orange and purple and strawberry, and never once have I disliked it. A collection of Vogue’s favorite redheads appeared in the August issue (with cutie Blake Lively on the cover to promote her new company Preserve) and doggone it, I need to make a list of my own! Here we go, my best gingery (fake) friends.

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5 For Friday

Georgia O'Keefe Machu Pichu

Well, how did it get to be just 7 more Mondays in the year and 3 weeks from Thanksgiving, I ask you? The time always, always flies starting in August. . . With just 7 more weeks left, that means just 7 more weeks to my New Year’s trip that I’m counting down to. And to where might you ask? Continue Reading

A Roundup of Booties

H by Hudson Kiver Booties

When my other A + S half asked for some suggestions on seasonal booties that I’ve found and liked, I realized at the end of the email, that I had pulled together quite a handy roundup that might serve and help others in a bootie search as well. Continue Reading

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