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Discovering all the DF has to offer in restaurants!

Greenwich Village Walking Tour, Part II

Because the West Village requires more than a single day of admiration, we’re on Part II of this sunny stroll through the city.

Greenwich Village Shutters

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Mexico City Jet Lag Journal: Condesa DF

Mexico City

All + Sundry recently took a trip to Mexico for some cultural immersion and fresh, spicy food.

My previous experience with Mexico involved a one-day stop in Cancun while on a cruise. I was a kid with my parents, and we visited the Mayan ruins, offered my father up as a sacrifice, and made it back to the ship in time to eat mass quantities of non-Mexican food with other Americans. This was a much more colorful, chic, and intellectual experience!

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Greenwich Village Walking Tour, Part I

Greenwich VillageI was out of town for a single night this weekend at an engagement party in the lovely riverside town of Red Bank, NJ. It was sunny and sweet, and I spent a long hour outside enjoying the cool morning air at an outdoor coffee shop with an old friend and my A+S other half. That said, that single night away had me pining for the city. There is nothing quite like a beautiful day with a little breeze and dappled sunlight in New York. I could not wait for my train to get in so I could stroll in the sunshine through the West Village. Taking a couple cues from one of my favorite Instagram feeds, westvillagelife, I wandered aimlessly with my camera and paid special attention to colorful front doors, bicycles on display, and the old brick facades covered in greenery.

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5 for Friday

Santorini pool

So I saw this pic, was literally floored! And while I know it’s been photoshopped and possibly over-saturated with some blue filters, it still has be pining and swooning to travel to Greece. I should have really taken the chance while the economy had bottomed out a few years ago to travel there very cheap, alas, it still remains on the bucket list. Continue Reading

Mexico City Jet Lag Journal: The Frida Kahlo Museum

The Frida Kahlo Museum 6

Well, where does one begin recapping and describing one of the most beautiful, monumental, and life-changing museums? I suppose at the beginning like you do with every story. . . So, here it goes!

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Mexico City Jet Lag Journal: Otra, Otra, Otra


Mexico City architectureMexico City?! our parents and friends shrieked. Haven’t you seen Man on Fire?! They chop off your fingers there!! It’s way too dangerous!!

Perhaps. Yet here I am, typing with all ten digits, to tell the tale of two non-Spanish-speaking, unarmed, and unconcerned American girls. Mexico City could not have treated us better. It truly required us to struggle through our elementary Spanish as tourism is not the huge priority it is in other Mexican coastal cities (and thank goodness for that, as we were totally immersed in this gorgeous city). It was enormous – we had an incredibly cruddy map and had no concept of just how far away from home we were many times. And oh, was it sophisticated. Was it ever.

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5 For Friday


I find this winding road very meditative–don’t you? There’s something about a never ending road that makes you think about your figurative path in life–the course you choose. What’s so cool about your path in life? You can always change it, you own it, and there’s no predicting it exactly!  Continue Reading

Fall Theater in NYC

This Is Our Youth

When you in NYC, it’s very easy to take for granted theater, and well, the arts in general. It just oozes out of every corner and it becomes habitual without you even realizing it. Continue Reading

Cape Cod Jet Lag Journal: FLEETweek

Summer on the CapeIt’s that time of year again – time to mooch off my sidekick for a summer vacation in the dreamiest place in America. Lucky duck. Ooh, let’s start right there. Duck Harbor. We love to pack Cape Cod potato chips and cheap champagne to this quiet stretch of beach in Wellfleet to watch the sunset. Due to some kind of preposterous dearth of spinach in Massachusetts that week, we unfortunately had zero spinach dip. But we made up for it with some super hot and impressive beach yoga.

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The Smallest One was Madeline

Madeline BemelmansAt half past nine in two straight lines (not really – a line of one single person as usual), I visited my lovely, brave, spunky French orphan friend Madeline. At the New York Historical Society, Madeline in New York: The Art of Ludwig Bemelmans is in full swing. She’s older than I thought – 75! Doesn’t look a day over nine. This exhibit is a celebration of the artwork of Bemelmans,

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