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What you learn in the woods for 4 days with no phone and a bunch of creatives

Giving Thanks

cranberry aspic

‘Tis the season to not only be gobbling up hearty meals and desserts, but to also gobble up all those moments and people in your life and express gratitude, and truly thank them and the lucky stars above for the bounty, or even smallest gesture that has come your way in the past year.  Continue Reading

Oh, Wait…I Learned a 6th Thing at CAMP


Because why not. Just because it doesn’t fit into the round number of 5 doesn’t mean it can’t be a thing I learned. So. The 6th thing I learned at CAMP. Ahem. (First five here.)

6. Consider Your Corners. This is a photography lesson from Paige Denkin who taught me that the frame of your shot is just as important as what is inside of it. Did you photograph a landscape and cut off the top of a tree? Do you have a photo of someone in the ocean, hands raised in the air, but then you cut off a couple fingers? Those corners create tension, and makes the viewer uneasy about the photograph as whole.

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5 Things I Learned at CAMP


I just got home from CAMP. Yes! As in summer CAMP! But for grownups with a penchant for creativity, group dancing, and rejection of cynicism. A way cooler and more joyous version of the business conference, CAMP is a creative conference that takes away your cell phones for four days so you can truly network and collaborate in the woods of Big Bear, California. And the speakers don’t jet off after their keynote is finished. They stay to play, learn, and share cabins with the attendees. I knew CAMP would be awesome. I knew it would exceed my expectations. What I didn’t know was that the most important things I would learn would have nothing to do with the workshops I took.3X6A9693-L

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5 For Friday

palm fronds

I’ve got palm fronds on my mind this Friday, since I’ve finally accomplished the feat of buying the holiday tickets a.k.a. procrastination ticket purchase of the year.  Continue Reading

Rubin Museum: Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry 3

Tonight, I write this blog post after experiencing one of those “only in New York City” type of experiences. One of those, where you find yourself sitting in an Asian art museum, listening to the President of National Geographic Society alongside one of the most iconic photographers in the world talk about photography, art, and the landscape of both in the fast-shifting world.  Continue Reading

Jared Madere at The Whitney


Installation artist Jared Madere has his very first solo show in the United States, and he’s doing it in style at The Whitney. Untitled, 2015 is a contraption made from scarves, twine, candles, burlap, and a large broken chandelier. The scarves blow outwards and flap towards you from a fan hidden in its interior, a trickling waterfall pools into a dark little container, and LED lights twinkle. What’s it about? I don’t know. But that’s okay because neither does Jared. According to Forbes:

New York-based artist Jared Madere is happy to admit that his work doesn’t necessarily “go anywhere. I don’t have a specific idea that I’m trying to inject into the viewer,” says Madere. “It can be a springboard.”

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Iceland Jet Lag Journal: Glacier Hiking


When I booked a trip to Iceland, I had basic goals: I wanted to see Icelandic horses roving through fields (done) and I wanted to feast my eyes on some blue ice. Aquamarine, vast, frozen hard landscapes of blue ice. Now that is best discovered in the very far east of Iceland where it is very unpopulated and very far from the airport, at Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður National Park. (Don’t ask me to pronounce it, I truly cannot pronounce a word in Icelandic.) I was with my mom, and I know she would not be happy renting a room inside the cottage of a fisherfolk couple out there. So instead Sistah Woman and I explored Sólheimajökull, a glacier that is melting so rapidly you can hear torrents of angry water flowing underneath the thick ice cap you are standing on.

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5 For Friday


A peaceful photo for a peaceful weekend ahead! This is another photo I’m sharing from the Iceland “Icetinerary” since it’s such a beautiful post, and the photos deserve even more coverage I’m convinced.  Continue Reading

The Tao of Tatcha

Tatcha hand cream

Behold, a luxurious hand cream like you’ve never seen before. Traveling from the other side of the world, across oceans, and composed of 200-year old beauty secrets that have only recently been exposed from their once, enclosed geisha community. I give you, Tatcha.  Continue Reading

Lunch in an Icelandic Tomato Greenhouse

Fridheimar Collage copy

Have you ever eaten a meal inside a greenhouse? In the center of Iceland, where there’s truly not much in the way of dining or entertainment, Friðheimar greenhouse glows with a warm, friendly light. Here four different varieties of tomato are grown, producing 20% of the tomatoes in Iceland. Food is served among the tomato plants, and you hear the sizzle of the greenhouse lights, and the humming of the little bees that pollinate all the plants. Continue Reading

Iceland Jet Lag Journal: Countryside ICEtinerary


There are few things I love more than a wholesome frolic through the countryside. (Hence an entire ongoing series I write called Chicks in the Sticks.) In Iceland, anywhere, anywhere outside the city limits of Reykjavik fits the bill for country frolic. This is the land of the dream road trip. I drove the rental car (automatic by special request) across empty stretches of road with wild Icelandic horses grazing among golden flowers on one side and waterfalls misting into double rainbows on the other. The traffic was nonexistent; once in a blue moon we got stuck behind a horse trailer, but as the road curved around the mountains we could speed up and pass. And in order to pass, the speed limit was high.

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5 For Friday


Happy, happy Friday! And here’s something else that makes me happy: gorgeous, couture gowns with high end sewing craftsmanship. This dress is the epitome of beauty.  Continue Reading

Iceland Jet Lag Journal: Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel


After three nights in the city of Reykjavik, Sistah Woman and I rented a car and hit the road. I really thought I was going to be driving for three hours to get to the sparse, unpopulated landscape of Nesjavellir. I was wrong. Forty five speedy minutes later, we were cruising by nothing but rolling craggy hills, grazing sheep, flat glassy lakes with a few tiny A-frame wooden cottages, one geothermal power plant, and boom the Ion Adventure Luxury Hotel appears.

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CAMP: Unplugged and Off the Grid


I feel completely fulfilled after a session at The Unique Camp – a phone-free business conference for creatives in the woods of Big Bear, CA. I’ll be sharing posts about the workshops I experienced and the entrepreneurial makers I befriended in the coming weeks. Plus I have some gorgeous photos in the woods – because the phones of all the CAMPers are taken and locked up, we had a team of photographers follow us around. The spirit of CAMP is to learn, inspire and share and I look forward to sharing with you!

5 For Friday


Hello Friday! While you’re diving into this “5 For Friday” post, I’m currently hanging out in good ol’ “Viva Las Vegas!” After a few days out in LA for work, I decided the “BAE” and I could deserve one last lil’ getaway for the year, and since it was on my way back home, and since he’s never been, all signs settled on Vegas.  Continue Reading

Sew Old School


Can you dig it? Do you see what this designer has done? She’s embroidered the entire scene (and to a “T” might I add)!  Continue Reading

Japanese Brunch at Juban


Look at this beautiful entrance! I couldn’t not have a meal here. Juban is a restaurant in Chelsea that makes homemade Japanese comfort food. I was not really concerned about what they served because I was drawn in by the exterior design. That worked out well because I was surprised that when their sign says, “Stop in for brunch!” it’s not the brunch food one would expect. There’s no eggs and coffee, it’s sushi and ramen and sake. I was perfectly fine with it, but my dad, Wild Bill, announced that it was weird.

Juban has beautiful artwork inside as well, loud and colorful like Murakami that climbs up the wall and curves across the ceiling. Plus wide wooden plank floors and wood sculptures on the wall like I imagine Japan interiors to be. It’s an authentic and approachable izakaya experience.

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Grin and Bear It: Kathy Clark at Reykjavik Art Museum

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKathy Clark is a Reykjavik-based artist who studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. Her exhibit at the Reykjavik Art Museum is called bears; truths and it is both creepy and enchanting. Created entirely from discarded teddy bears, Clark hung them from the ceiling, stuffed them with glowsticks, flattened them and coated them in wax. She created a little teddy bear graveyard with little sad dead teddy bear sounds.

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