Rum punches and cliff diving in Negril, Jamaica
Architectural delights at the new Whitney
Porn in the form of pencils at CW Pencil Enterprise

5 For Friday (on a Thursday)


Since Friday is a holiday and ‘Murica’s birthday, we’re moving up posts this week, since we hope that you won’t be checking blogs, internet and emails if you can help it. Off on a short holiday to DC this weekend for moi!  Continue Reading

Clutch Cravin’


Somehow I found myself in the abyss, the black hole of the internet shopping world, searching for and pinning clutches the other night? Why was I deep in the spiral process of finding one? Continue Reading

Jackson Pollock’s Art Studio

Jackson Pollock FloorIn East Hampton, before the town was popular and yuppie and expensive, Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner built a home and art studio. It was wild country back then in 1945 – a town made up of fishermen and a very small group of fellow artists. Krasner moved her husband here to get him sober and away from the influences of his partying art world friends in New York City; she also wanted him to simply concentrate on his work. Now, in the summer months only, you can visit the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center to walk across his paint-splattered studio floors and wander the rooms of his small home.

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Savant: Life in a Vintage-Style Garage

Savant VintageSince I was last in Nashville, a mere two years ago to the month, it has completely boomed with shops and restaurants. So finding a place to move into for an extended weekend on 12th Avenue South was a happy accident. I booked a revamped garage behind the shop Savant Vintage on AirBnb. But last time I was on that street there were only a few things there: Savant, imogene + willie for custom jeans, and a popsicle shop. Now, the street is a hopping neighborhood brimming with boutiques, restaurants, BBQ joints, a spa, and a little old-fashioned peach truck that parks itself here and there selling brown paper bags of fresh peaches out of the truck bed. I had no idea until I arrived that it was a going to be a perfect place to stay and play local.

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5 For Friday

musha kay

Well the first official Summer Friday folks, after Sunday’s solstice. And only one week until a long holiday weekend! No “big” plans for this weekend, but to relax and chill. Continue Reading



A month or so ago, I included in one of my “5 For Friday” posts a discovery of Pepin, a new clothing line that I was head over heels with. I’m even more convinced of its success that lies ahead for for the designers.  Continue Reading

Frieze 2015

FriezeLast week, I shared with you one of the major highlights of the Frieze art fair – husband/wife matching free capes. Today we’ll explore the rest. I barely made a dent with my clutch VIP host Michael but we did recognize a couple trends (other than capes) – vibrant colors and art as experience.

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Via Carota

Via CarotaAfter a sunshine filled day trip to Ellis Island I stopped for lunch and a bottle of afternoon rosé at Via Carota.  I am a longtime fan of sister restaurant Buvette, both for special celebratory dinners and solo, quiet breakfasts with my book. So I was very excited to try Via Carota. The long white marble bar, the large windows that open right onto the sidewalk, and the little pots of lemon trees made for a beautiful dining room.

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5 For Friday

mint watermelon coconut icecream

How delicious does this mint watermelon coconut ice cream (yes, you read that mix right) look? If you’re into making your own ice cream, there’s a recipe you can give a whirl, if you’re into that thing. Continue Reading

Park Avenue Armory: Philippe Parreno



When I agreed to go along to an art show at The Park Avenue Armory with a friend, I really said “sure” in earnest because a) I’ve always wanted to visit the space, and b) spend time with my friend. I had no idea what was awaiting me both in architectural space and for the art show. . . Continue Reading

The Capes of Frieze

The Capes of Frieze 3

Frieze is an art fair that invites almost 200 contemporary galleries from across the world to exhibit on Randall’s Island. My friend Michael scammed his way into a VIP pass (as he is wont to do – that smooth-talker) and brought me along! We boarded a water taxi off the East River of Manhattan and slowwwwly made our way to Frieze. Really, I should have just swam.

On arrival, we walked from the water taxi dock to a large white, air-conditioned tent filled with galleries and amazing food vendors like Marlow & Sons, Milk Bar, Frankie’s Spuntino, and Roberta’s. We spent hours there and still didn’t see everything. We got our bearings, got a glass of wine, and slowly worked our way through the gallery booths.

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Sugarwish: You are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you…

SugarwishAfter lots of hard work on a NASCAR account, I received the cutest delivery from Sugarwish as a thank you from a colleague. Sugarwish is so charming that I wanted to share with you all if you are in need of a thank you, get well, or just a sweet “thinking of you.”

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5 For Friday

weekend 2

Happy Friday, to one and to all! Today and this weekend, I’m thinking about how lucky I am to have family in good health (and of course my own). Something to always be reminded of and to not take for granted. This weekend is full of NYC activities: Continue Reading

Talking Back


Lately, I’ve been thinking about the back. Specifically how we might be creating some of our own spine circumstances what with most jobs taking place at a desk and most employees not getting up during the day to stretch the body out. I myself have never had the best posture. Continue Reading

Ellis Island

Ellis IslandAlmost half of today’s Americans can trace their family’s history back to Ellis Island, the first glimpse of the New World that 12 million immigrants would see. They would spend time going through physical and mental tests before being allowed into New York Harbor – some would spend a couple hours, some a few weeks due to a hospital stay, and some (1 in 100) would be turned around and sent right back home on the boat they came in on, their return passages required to be paid for by the steam ships. And this was a pre-Dramamine world.

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Put a Cork In It

Champagne ChairDid you know that every year, Design Within Reach hosts a contest for design fans to create their own unique chairs out of the twisted metal and chunky corks from champagne bottles? The winner receives gift cards to use at the store to buy real-life size chairs in which to seat their real-life size bums and drink real-life size glasses of champagne. So I was inspired to give it a shot. What follows is my lame-ass attempt at a champagne wire cage bistro chair.

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