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The Sneaky Concept Behind “Paper Towns”

Paper Towns Map

John Green, the author of book and movie Paper Towns, knows a really neat trick that cartographers use to protect their intellectual property and hard work.

“On a road trip about 15 years ago, I tried to get gas in a town that my map called Holen, Southa Kaota. One problem: There was nothing there,” he said. It was a fake! Sike! (God, I’m glad we don’t use that awful word anymore.

Holen was what cartographers call a “paper town” – a fictitious location they use to protect their work. So if mapmakers see the paper town on someone else’s map, it’s a clue to know that their work was lifted, and they can sue for copyright infringement. The cartographer’s at Google use paper towns too. So I guess take the directions from Google Maps with a grain of salt?

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The Maytrees


Annie Dillard is an author recommended to me by the booksellers at 192 Books, my local weekend haunt. The Maytrees is a quiet novel about the love story of a married couple living in a beach shack in Provincetown. I read this entire book with a pencil in hand, underlining gorgeous sentence after gorgeous sentence. It begins with Toby and Lou falling for each other. They’re a free-spirited young couple who care about their books, the landscape, the pouring rain, each other’s freckles and eyebrows, and eventually, their young son. An affair splits them apart for years, but like the steady and incessant beams from a lighthouse, Toby finds his way back home to Lou’s seaside shack. It’s a bohemian tale of love, forgiveness, and changing tides.

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5 For Friday


First Friday of October–how did we get here? Ah, these fall months always just slip away. . . The east coast is yet again buzzing about a possible hurricane but I can hope is it doesn’t get in the way of some Friday travel plans.  Continue Reading

For The Love of The Oyster

oysters on ice

Did you know that prime oyster season is from September-April?? Fact. True story. I was just asking this question a couple weeks ago when I stumbled upon some restaurant literature that answered my question for me. I love that this is the “season” since it’s eight months of the year and really encompasses three seasons. Another easy way to remember: you can eat oysters in any month spelled with an “r”.  Continue Reading

Mission Chinese

Dinner at Mission ChineseMission accomplished! Have you eaten at the New York City location of Mission Chinese, San Francisco’s nationally-known food destination? I have. And I was so lucky. This place is a true feast for both the eyes and the palate. There seems to be a glittering wall and ceiling made of crinkled aluminum foil that is…well, it’s really quite beautiful. The resin-topped tables are inlaid with colorful swirls and golden beads. And a long looooong hallway on the underground level is lined with dark mirrors on the walls and ceiling which is both exotic and disconcerting.

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How Sneakers and Cereal Go Together

IMG_3912 copy

It is the epitome of high and low: $650 navy blue leather sneakers with golden zippers on proud display under Lucite and spotlight, sharing a space with a cereal bar that mixes every delicious white trash cereal together with chocolate milk and toppings. Perfection!

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Iris Apfel: What a Woman!


A couple short blocks from my apartment is one of my favorite stores in the city, [STORY], which is a curated shop that has an entirely new theme every few months. This month’s theme is “Donald,” which is a tribute to the artist Donald Robertson. (Do you follow him on Instagram? You should! His patterns are a thumbs up, and his little towhead twins are just funny.) Donald creates pop art prints of lipstick and red mouths, so his partnership with Smashbox was featured at [STORY] in the form of custom made-while-you-wait lipsticks. He also creates tees for J. Crew, so there was a hot iron press to customize your own soft white tee with one of his signature patterns. His pal, fashion icon Iris Apfel, is also selling some of her very own jewelry and participated in a complimentary (seriously!) Q&A at the store with its creator and owner, Rachel Shechtman. Today, some words of wisdom from Iris for your reading pleasure.

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5 For Friday

best friends

Happy happy Friday to one and to all! Fashion week is closing and finishing up here in NYC, and thus why I chose the above photo. A shot from Fashionista and of one of the street style moments they captured. Leather bomber jackets are in this upcoming season, and how cute is this paired version for BFFs? Continue Reading

Nancy Meyers: What a Woman!

Nancy MeyersDo you remember when the Parent Trap came out, and Lindsay Lohan was fresh-faced and sweet, and oh god, Natasha Richardson was alive and well?

Or the magic of The Holiday, when Cameron Diaz trades her enormous Santa Barbara house filled with Richard Prince photographs for Kate Winslet’s tiny thatched-roof English cottage?

Or…the best…The Father of the Bride, when Franc plans the most beautiful, over-the-top wedding and subsequent baby shower for the Banks family in Pasadena?

And don’t even GET me started on Baby Boom. Diane Keaton carrying around that sweet little baby like a piece of luggage through Manhattan so she can focus on her career, then succumbing and moving to a farm in Vermont, where she starts her own nationally-distributed fully-organic baby food line.

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Fine Dining at Lincoln



Since the overhaul of Lincoln Center three years ago, I have wanted to visit fancy schmancy Lincoln Ristorante, the Jonathan Benno glass-fronted restaurant tucked underneath the sloping lawn of grass on the plaza. Surrounded by ballet, opera, and philharmonic theaters, the cuisine is Sicilian. Mom and I splurged before a Saturday evening at The King & I with a prix fixe menu. Some of our plates, shown below, were a little strange, but it was a festive, celebratory evening (as evenings always are when we have the opportunity to admire and listen to Kelli O’Hara).

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